Is Su-24 still in service?

The Sukhoi Su-24 (NATO reporting name: Fencer) is a supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft developed in the Soviet Union….Sukhoi Su-24.

Status In service
Primary users Russian Air Force Ukrainian Air Force Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force Algerian Air Force
Produced 1967–1993

How much is a SU-24?

Sukhoi Su-24

Primary users Russian Air Force Ukrainian Air Force Kazakh Air Force Iran Air Force
Produced 1967–1993
Number built Approximately 1,400
Unit cost US$24-25 million in 1997

Is the Su-25 supersonic?

The Sukhoi Su-25 Grach (Russian: Грач (rook); NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) is a subsonic, single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi. It was designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces.

How many Su-25 have been shot down?

Four Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft have been lost in combat during the conflict.

When did the SU 24 enter service?

The Su-24M entered service in 1983 and is a development of the Su-24, known by the NATO codename ‘Fencer’. More than 900 Su-24s have been delivered, and the aircraft is in service with the Russian Air Force and Navy, and the air forces of Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Ukraine.

Does the Su-25 have a gun?

The Su-25 can be armed with 350kg-670kg laser-guided bombs, 500kg incendiary devices and cluster bombs. The aircraft’s twin-barrel gun, the 30mm AO-17A, is installed in the underside of the fuselage on the port side. The pods carry the GSh-23 23mm twin-barrel guns, each with 260 rounds of ammunition.

Is a-10 or Su-25 better?

While the Su-25 weighs less than the A-10, it also has a much faster top speed, topping off at 600 mph. The A-10’s top speed, on the other hand, is about 439 mph.

Is the Su-25 good?

The Su-25 is a ground attack aircraft similar to the US A-10 Thunderbolt II, or “Warthog.” They’re both heavily armored. They’re both able to execute extremely low-altitude sorties and bombing raids. And they’ve both even been described as “flying tanks.”

How good is the SU-34?

Key Point: This plane is rugged and can handle all kinds of conditions. It is well-regarded for a very good reason and still serves to this day. The Sukhoi Su-34 is perhaps one of Russia’s most capable all-weather jet fighters, capable of ground, surface, and air attack.

Is the SU-27 still in service?

The Su-27 entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in 1985….Sukhoi Su-27.

Introduction 22 June 1985
Status In service
Primary users Russian Air Force People’s Liberation Army Air Force Uzbekistan Air and Air Defence Forces See Operators section for others
Produced 1982–present

Who made Su-25?

Sukhoi Su-25/Manufacturers

What is the maximum speed of a Sukhoi Su-24?

Because the Su-24 is used almost exclusively for low-level missions, the actuators for the variable intakes were deleted to reduce weight and maintenance. This has no effect on low-level performance, but absolute maximum speed and altitude are cut to Mach 1.35 and 11,000 m (36,100 ft).

What’s the maximum speed of a SU-24 bomber?

The Su-24 bomber’s integrated navigation and aiming system is the PNS-24. The Su-24M has a maximum speed of 1,550kph and a range of over 3,000km. Su-24 deploying two cruciform parachutes.

What kind of engine does a Su-24 have?

The Su-24 has two Saturn/Lyulka AL-21F-3A afterburning turbojet engines with 109.8 kN (24,700 lbf) thrust each, fed with air from two rectangular side mounted intakes with splitter plates/boundary-layer diverters.

What was the final configuration of the Su-24?

NATO tried to track production refinements through guesswork and defined three separate “variants” of the Su-24, with early production machines labeled as “Fencer-A” by NATO, later machines as “Fencer-B”, and the final-configuration Su-24s as “Fencer-C”. The definitive late production Su-24 Fencer-C is described here as a “baseline”.