How much is a Oscar Schmidt autoharp?

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Where is the serial number on an Oscar Schmidt autoharp?

Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Serial Number. 1 Answer. All of our guitars have a serial number on the back of the headstock (or the neck plate on older guitars).

What are Autoharps worth?

Playable, good-condition 15-chord autoharps can still bring in some revenue – I have seen some change hands locally in the $125 range, although $75 is closer to the average. Playable, good-condition 21-chord autoharps bring in more, and upgraded, new-condition 21-chord autoharps can do even better.

Where are Oscar Schmidt Autoharps made?

The Oscar Schmidt Company was founded in 1871 and incorporated in 1911. By the early 1900s, the company had five factories in Europe and a factory on Ferry Street in Jersey City. They made all kinds of stringed instruments: guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, zithers, and Autoharps®.

Is an autoharp a dulcimer?

is that autoharp is a string instrument having a series of chord bars attached to dampers which mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord while dulcimer is (musical instruments) a stringed instrument, with strings stretched across a sounding board, usually trapezoidal it’s played on the lap or …

Is the autoharp hard to learn?

Shaped much like a washboard, the autoharp is a fretless stringed instrument that has buttons with little felt pads. These buttons, when depressed, mute the strings that are not part of the chord being played. The relative simplicity of it is what makes it such an easy instrument to learn to play.

What chords are on a 15th autoharp?

A standard 15-chord Autoharp has the major chords between Eb and D, plus several seventh chords, allowing you to play most songs in Bb, F, C, G, and D. If you have one of these and wish you had the 21-chord version, don’t despair.

Is Oscar Schmidt a good brand?

Oscar Schmidt is one of the tops recommended guitar brands due to its high quality and well-developed instruments. From beginners to professionals, every guitarist finds this brand a number one choice to enjoy guitar playing at fullest. Oscar guitars are easy to use and offer excellent sound production.

Does Washburn make Oscar Schmidt Guitars?

New Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OD312CE Full Size 12 String Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Combo with Gig Bag and Stand, Gloss Black Finish.