How do you name an opportunity in Salesforce?

You can create custom names for any kind of Opportunity—donations, matching donations, grants, and so on.

  1. In the Nonprofit Success Pack, click the NPSP Settings tab, and then click Donations | Opportunity Names.
  2. On the Opportunity Names page, click New Opportunity Name.

How do I change opportunity name field in Salesforce?

Click on your Name | Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Fields. Click Setup | Object Manager | Opportunity | Fields & Relationships. 2. Click ‘New’ on the ‘Opportunity Custom Fields & Relationships’.

How do you rename opportunity stages?

Delete an opportunity stage in Salesforce Classic

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Under ‘Build’ click Customize | Opportunity | Fields.
  3. Click on the ‘Stage’ field name.
  4. Click ‘Del’ next to the pick list value.
  5. Select the appropriate stage from the drop down that all opportunities with the current stage will be replaced with.

Can you rename opportunity stages in Salesforce?

Nij, There is no option to rename the Stages on opportunity directly.

What is an opportunity record?

An opportunity record contains the history of a single sales process with one prospect. They may be created automatically when a prospect fills out a web form, clicks on a link, etc. or be added manually after a personal interaction with a prospect. Opportunities are attached to the prospective buyer’s contact record.

What is Apex lead convert?

The convertLead DML operation converts a lead into an account and contact, as well as (optionally) an opportunity. convertLead is available only as a method on the Database class; it is not available as a DML statement.

What are stages of opportunity?

Opportunity stages describe the high-level steps within your sales process. In a CRM system, salespeople update the opportunity stage as the deal moves through the sales process. Realistic opportunity stages are critical because they deliver pipeline visibility through reports and dashboards.

What is a Salesforce opportunity?

In Salesforce, an opportunity is a sale or pending deal. Multiple opportunities make up your sales pipeline, which contributes to your sales forecast. It’s important to keep your Salesforce opportunities updated to ensure your sales forecast is accurate.

How do you convert lead to opportunity in Apex?

In Salesforce, we can convert the Lead to Account, Contact and/or Opportunity with the “Convert” button from the front end. However, this can also be done by using the Database. LeadConvertResult Database method in Apex Class.

How do I convert opportunities to leads in Salesforce?

To convert a lead to opportunity in salesforce go to Lead Tab.

  1. Now select the lead that to be converted to opportunity.
  2. Click convert .
  3. Enter the name for the opportunity, Enter subject name, priority and select status.
  4. Select Convert.
  5. After select convert button now we are taken to Account page as shown above.

What are the five stages of opportunity?

The opportunity identification stage can be divided into five main steps namely getting the idea/scanning the environment, identifying the opportunity, developing the opportunity, evaluating the opportunity and evaluating the team (Gartner et al, 1999:220; Ardichvili et al, 2003:108).

How to manage picklist values in

Manage Picklist Values. 1 In Setup, click the Object Manager tab, and then select the object associated with your picklist field. 2 Click Fields & Relationships. 3 Click the picklist’s Field Label to see the field’s detail page.

Can a multi-select picklist be a controlling field?

Multi-select picklist fields can be dependent, but not controlling fields. You can set default values for controlling fields but not for dependent picklists. If your org uses record types, choose a record type to test how it affects your controlling and dependent picklist values.

How to create a field reference in Salesforce?

Fields Field Name Field Label Type Length Precision AccountId Account ID reference 18 Amount Amount currency 18 CloseDate Close Date date ContactId Contact ID reference 18

What makes a good index candidate in Salesforce?

What makes a good index candidate is pretty advanced. Salesforce automatically analyzes performance and periodically assigns fields to be indexed. You don’t have to think about this while you’re creating picklists, but it can be important later if you’re trying to optimize report or org performance.