How do I subscribe for MTN modem?

How to Buy a Data Bundle on MTN MiFi Device

  1. Dial *131# from an alternative SIM.
  2. Select option 7 for Data Gift.
  3. Choose data plan (Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, 2-Months Plans, 3-Months Plans)
  4. Select preferred data bundle.
  5. Select 1 to proceed with a data bundle purchase.
  6. Enter the Msisdn (MiFi SIM Msisdn)

How do I subscribe for MTN daily data plan?

To buy the normal MTN Daily bundle, just dial *131# from your MTN data enabled mobile line and follow instructions.

How much does MTN unlimited data cost?

The MTN Nigeria has just launched a data plan to rival the Unlimited data plan of Airtel, and this plan is called MTN Unlimited browsing daily data plan. Though this is a daily UNLIMITED data plan which costs 150 Naira daily and it is available to few MTN lines, but you need to know if your line is eligible.

Does MTN have unlimited plan?

MTN HyNet has a monthly threshold of about 1 Terabyte (TB) or 1024 GB. It is an LTE unlimited plan, available only in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja, although there is a promise that other Nigerian cities will be added but not yet.

Who has the best MiFi plan?

The five best mobile hotspot data plans

  • Best overall—T-Mobile 2 GB.
  • Best for 5G—Verizon Unlimited Plus.
  • Best data deal—AT PREPAID 100 GB.
  • Best prepaid option—Cricket Simply Data 20 GB.
  • Best for international travel—Skyroam Global Daypass.

Does MTN have unlimited data plan?

Although it can also be argued that MTN offers unlimited data services but their data services are not truly unlimited, even the MTN HyNet. MTN HyNet has a monthly threshold of about 1 Terabyte (TB) or 1024 GB.

How to subscribe to the MTN data plan?

The daily data plans, weekly data plans, monthly data plans, goody bag social plan, the YouTube Video pack, their prices and how to subscribe to this plans. But first, lets check how to setup MTN data settings on your phones and modems. Text Settings to 3888 on a GPRS /3G / 4G enabled phone and the settings will be sent to your device.

How long does the MTN data bundle last?

You subscription to this bundle is also valid for 30 days only within which you must exhaust all data volume or auto renew so as to avoid unused data getting wiped off. This the biggest monthly MTN data bundle up for grab.

How much does it cost for MTN Pulse Data?

The YouTube Video streaming Pack is time based and it allows you to watch videos on YouTube from a data enabled device. The MTN pulse data is a midnight data plan available for MTN customers who are on the MTN Pulse or MTN iPulse Plan. It cost 25 Naira with a data size of 500 MB and it is usable between 12:00 am to 4:00 am.

Do you get free YouTube with MTN on demand?

You will get the FREE 4GB YouTube Bundle in four tranches of 1GB per week when you buy the 2GB Monthly Plan via any of the following activation channels: MTN On Demand (*904#). This means that once you activate the Monthly Plan, you will be able to use the free 4GB for 30days only.