Does funko have catalog?

GET THE FUNKO APP Custom lists are now available in the latest version of the Funko App. Add products to your list by searching your existing wishlist, collection or the full Funko catalog–now with over 24,000 products and counting!

How do I know if my Funko Pop is valuable?

Identifying and Buying Rare and Valuable Funko Pops While it is impossible to know when a Funko Pop toy is first released if it will become valuable. The rarity can often be determined by the number of pieces released or if the Pop is a limited edition.

Should I unbox my funko Pops?

In the end, choosing to unbox your figure (or not) should be 100% dependent on your personal preference. Funko Pop! figures can appreciate in value, but unless you’re a savvy seller and trader, we wouldn’t advocate keeping figures boxed for that reason.

Is Funko Pop a fad?

It is a fad that will pass, and at some point, kids won’t think these are cool. I’m not saying it goes to zero, because 45-year-old men may still think they’re cool. Again, we’re pretty good at that. [laughs] And there might still be a market for the Star Wars and the Game of Thrones and some of those licenses.

Are there any Funko Pop figures on the market?

If you—like us and every other awesome person on the planet—are totally into the Funko fandom, then you’re going to flip when you start scrolling through our carefully curated collection of Funko must-haves! Love the Funko Vinyl Figures? Same here—we’ve got ‘em lining this collection.

What are the Funko Pop Games 25th anniversary?

Games Charizard (Attack Stance) Vinyl Figure Funko DC Comics Pop! Comic Covers Batman Vinyl Figure Funko Pokemon Pop! Games 25th Anniversary Charmander Vinyl Figure Funko fanatics, we’ve got some fantastic news for you—we may or may not have created an entire collection totally devoted to your love of all things Funko.

Do you need a distributor list for Funko?

Please request a distributor list if your business: Is located outside the U.S. or Canada. Needs shipping locations closer than Funko’s base in Everett, WA (North of Seattle, WA). Would like to purchase items in smaller quantities than an inner case.

What are vaulted items on the Funko website?

Vaulted items are figures that we no longer produce. We might create a different version in the future, but vaulted items can’t be ordered. To see images of our product, you can look at the Funko website catalog: or blitz emails.