Did the movie Clue have alternate endings?

Three different endings exist for this movie, each with a different person being the killer. In theaters, only one of the endings was shown. Television and rental versions include all of the endings. In some television broadcasts of the movie, the “drawing lots” scene in the kitchen is cut out.

Who was killed in the conservatory in the movie Clue?

In Ending B, where it’s revealed Mrs. Peacock murdered all six people, it was revealed that she was actually shot dead by the Chief of Police when he confronts her at her car. After saying they got Mrs. Peacock when Wadsworth and the other five guests run outside, the Chief then turns to Mrs.

Who is the bad guy in Clue?

Wadsworth is the main antagonist of the 1985 cult-classic film Clue (according to the movie’s third ending). His real name is Mr. Boddy, an expert extortionist who runs a network of spies and informants.

Who died in Clue game?

Mrs White
One of the six original characters of the board game Cluedo, Mrs White, has been killed off by game makers Hasbro. The long-time housekeeper is being replaced by Dr Orchid, who has a PhD in plant toxicology and was home-schooled by Mrs White herself.

Why did Clue remove Mrs White?

Mrs. White, one of the iconic characters in the board game Clue, has become its latest victim. Hasbro, the makers of the game, announced they would be dropping her in August to make way for a more diverse character: Dr. Orchid, a woman who holds a PhD in plant toxicology, was raised by the late Mrs.

Which ending of Clue is canon?

Opinions vary, depending on who’s talking — Kotaku claims there’s no “real” ending, while Looper’s Clue explainer says it’s “strongly indicated” that C is the real ending.

Why was Mrs White removed from clue?

Why is Miss Scarlet first in clue?

She was known as Miss Scarlet in the North American version after 1963. She rolls first in the game because she is the first one to notice the death of Dr. Black.

Why did Mrs White get removed from clue?

Why was the fourth ending of Clue Cut?

It’s crazy that when the movie first came out TWO-THIRDS of the people who went to see it in theaters never got to see that at all! Anyway. The fourth ending was cut because Landis and Lynn either didn’t really think it was that good, or they just thought it was too dark for the tone of the rest of the movie.

What did Madeline Kahn say at the end of clue?

After all, it’s during that ending that Madeline Kahn did her famously improvised line about “Flames… flames on the side of my face…” that was one of the big reasons we wanted to celebrate this movie with a Quote-Along in the first place.

When did the first clue movie come out?

In 1985, Paramount Pictures proved themselves to be almost two decades ahead of their time when they released the first film based on a board game, Clue. Back then, this was an outrageous idea and critics and audiences enjoyed a hearty scoffing at the presumed folly of using such a thin backbone to form the foundation of a feature film.