Can you put the MTA app on my phone?

Join our free FTBF Travel Community! As a thank you, you’ll receive our City Guide! Google Maps has come a long way in the past few years and its Navigation & Transit App has surpassed the usability of the Apple map that comes with your iPhone. It is also compatible with your Android phone.

Is there a NYC transit app?

511NY is the free, official one-stop, all-encompassing telephone and Web service offering information on transportation services and conditions throughout New York State. Their mobile app offers traffic and transit data, in addition to trip planning through public transit throughout the state.

What is the best transit app?

The best transit apps for Android

  • Cabify.
  • Citymapper.
  • Curb.
  • EasyWay.
  • Lyft.

Is OMNY on a bus?

OMNY is available throughout New York City OMNY is available at all subway stations and on all buses, allowing you to tap and go throughout New York City. You can use OMNY with your own contactless card or smart device. OMNY currently supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option for now, including free transfers.

What is transit time?

Transit time is the total time it takes for goods to get from Point A to Point B, measured in hours and/or days. The mode of transport could be a boat, plane, train, truck or a combination of multiple delivery modes.

What is the best NYC transit app?

Google Maps. Google Maps is the best New York subway map app to use. Even though there are other NYC subway maps like Hopstop, Google Maps has been especially trustworthy and is the main app I use for directions because it’s an all-in-one travel app. You can find out subway, walking, biking, and car directions on it.

Is transit a good app?

If you can only have one app for transit and commuting, then you should definitely make it Transit (how appropriate). Transit features a gorgeous UI that is not only pretty eye candy, but it’s also super intuitive.