Are there still brony cons?

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Where is the My Little Pony Convention?

A three-day convention celebrating My Little Pony is coming to Richmond in January. The first-ever Vanhoover Pony Expo will take place January 11 to 13, 2019 at the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport. It’s the same location that hosted BronyCAN until it ceased operations in 2017.

Will there be a BronyCon 2020?

To him, one of the main attractions of BronyCon and other fan gatherings like it — including Seattle’s Everfree Northwest and San Francisco’s BABSCon, both of which will be returning in 2020 – is that everyone is welcome. Most of the fans are male, most of them are straight, into video games.

Is it OK to be a Brony?

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan or a part of the Brony community. In fact, being a Brony means you’re challenging gender norms and showing that it’s okay for men to enjoy a show deemed as “girly,” just as it’s okay for women to enjoy shows marketed toward boys.

Will the Brony fandom end?

The product’s Facebook page, which includes fans of the cartoons, toys and merchandise, announced to its more than 1 million followers that the show’s ninth season, set to air in 2019, will be the last.

Where did BronyCon 2015 take place in Baltimore?

The seventh 2015 BronyCon convention ran at the Baltimore Convention Center from August 7–9, 2015 and drew 10,011 attendees, an increase from 2014. Visit Baltimore, the city’s tourism board, estimates that BronyCon brings in $5.5 million in revenue to local businesses.

Where was the first BronyCon held in 2013?

BronyCon was previously styled as BroNYCon, as its first three conventions were held in New York City. It dropped the ‘NYC’ capitalization for its fourth event, which was held in nearby Secaucus, New Jersey. The 2013 event marked the convention’s move to Baltimore, Maryland, as well as a shift from twice a year to once a year.

How much money does BronyCon make for Baltimore?

Visit Baltimore, the city’s tourism board, estimates that BronyCon brings in $5.5 million in revenue to local businesses. The eighth BronyCon convention ran from July 8–10, 2016 in Baltimore and drew 7,609 attendees, a decrease of roughly 24% from the previous year.

When did the my Little Pony BronyCon start?

BronyCon (originally stylized as BroNYCon) was an annual (formerly bi-annual) convention for fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, which ran on the United States east coast between 2011 and 2019.