Are regent parrots rare?

The Regent Parrot is endemic (only found in) to Australia. There are two separate populations: in the east they are found in south-western New South Wales, north-western Victoria and the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, while in Western Australia, they are found in the south west, where they are more numerous.

How big is a Regent Parrot?

170 gAdult
Regent parrot/Mass

Do regent parrots make good pets?

Even though they are not frequently viewed around, Regent parrots are one of the attractive birds in the parakeet family. With their loving nature and active and pleasant demeanor, these parakeets get incredible companions and friendly pets. The Regent parakeet is an unparalleled bird and a cherished pet worldwide.

Can regent parrots talk?

Handling/Training: The Regent Parakeet or Regent Parrot quickly becomes accepting and trusting. They have an agreeably social nature and are easily tamed. They are also intelligent and are good talkers.

What do regent parrots eat?

Its diet consists of seeds of grasses and cereal crops, especially wheat. It also eats buds and flowers, insect larvae, psyllids and lerps. It forages in pairs or small parties, usually on the ground, but also in the canopy of trees or in spilled grain on the ground.

What do you feed a regent parrot?

Young and sub-adult individuals may prefer easily digestible high energy (sugar and protein rich) foods: nectar and pollen (e.g. from eucalypt flowers) and invertebrates (e.g. psyllidis) to almonds fruits. Use of almond plantations by breeding birds varies during the breeding season.

Do rock Pebblers make good pets?

The rock pebbler or Regents parrot is a great pet. They are quiet, gentle, very smart and love to be with you and around you. A great choice if you live in an apartment.

Where can a regent parrot be found in Australia?

Regent parrot. It has predominantly yellow plumage with a green tail. The bird is found primarily in eucalyptus groves and other wooded areas of subtropical southwestern Australia, as well as in a smaller area of subtropical and temperate southeastern Australia. Seeds make up the bulk of its diet.

How big does a male regent parrot get?

The Regent Parrot grows to approximately 14½-16½” (37-42 cm) in length, and exhibits sexual dimorphism (meaning, males and females can be visually sexed). The male bird is generally yellow, with several shades on the head; its back is generally a collection of colorful shades of green; its beak generally red.

What was the first name of the regent parrot?

The first plate reproduced a female specimen, given the title Palæornis anthopeplus (1831), the second was a male, Palæornis melanura (pt. 12, 1832), drawn by Lear in England.

What kind of parrot is a yellow king parrot?

The parrot is also known variously as the rock pebbler, rock peplar, Murray smoker, Marlock parakeet, yellow king-parrot and regent parakeet. Lear’s illustrations are captioned with Blossom-feathered Parrakeet to Palæornis anthopeplus and Black-tailed Parrakeet to P. melanura.