Are Jupiter tenor saxophones good?

Jupiter saxophones are durable, affordable and sound great! If you’re looking for a reliable beginner or intermediate saxophone, Jupiter is worth a look.

What is a good tenor saxophone brand?

Here are the best tenor saxophones 2021:

  • Jean Paul TS-400 – Runner-Up.
  • Yamaha YTS-62III – Best Overall Tenor Sax.
  • Yamaha YTS-480 – Honorable Mention.
  • Jupiter JTS1100SG – Most Unique Tenor Sax.
  • Selmer STS280RB – Smooth Sounding Tenor Sax.
  • Yamaha YTS-26.
  • Kaizer TSAX-1000LQ.
  • Glory B Flat Tenor Sax.

How many octaves does a tenor sax have?

Modern tenor saxophones which have a high F♯ key have a range from A♭2 to E5 (concert) and are therefore pitched one octave below the soprano saxophone….Tenor saxophone.

Woodwind instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 422.212-71 (Single-reed aerophone with keys)
Inventor(s) Adolphe Sax
Developed 28 June 1846
Playing range

Why are tenor saxophones so expensive?

Some saxophones are based off very old designs while others are the result of many years of prototypes and testing with world class artists. The cost of R&D has to be built into the price. A huge part of the cost is labor. Even instruments that have machine stamped parts must still be assembled by trained workers.

Are Jupiter saxophones any good?

While Jupiter saxophones are not as popular at the professional level as some other brands, Jupiter has developed a positive reputation for producing quality beginner and intermediate horns. Most new Jupiter saxes have improved in quality, although they can still generally lose their resale value quite quickly.

Which is better Yamaha or Jupiter saxophone?

Yamaha seems to be a beginner/intermediate instrument, while Jupiter is labelled as beginner “only”. I am presuming the Yamaha offers more flexibility and more room to grow on sax, being able to play with more dynamics in sound.

Which saxophone is best for jazz?

Five of the best saxophones for jazz

  • Selmer TS44 Professional Tenor Saxophone Black Nickel. Reasonable pricing. Great sound and playing feel. Engraved bell.
  • Yamaha Custom Alto Saxophone YAS-82Z Lacquered. Check Price on Amazon.
  • P. Mauriat Le Bravo Intermediate Alto Saxophone Matte Finish. No engraving. Neck: Nickel-silver Brass.