Who are the actors in the TV series Odissea?

Series cast summary: Bekim Fehmiu Ulisse 8 episodes, 1968 Mimmo Palmara Achille 1 episode, 1968 Enzo Fiermonte Demodoco 1 episode, 1968 Gérard Herter Laocoonte 1 episode, 1968 Igor Sunara Suitor 2 episodes, 1968

How long is the movie Odissea on DVD?

The Multimedia San Paolo (Milan, Italy) DVD release, on 2 discs, is cut. It has a listed running time of 370 minutes. The ElleU Multimedia (Rome, Italy) DVD release, on 2 discs, is cut.

Why is the bow useless in Odissea movie?

As a result the movie deviates from the epic in the essential part that in the epic the bow is useless to the suitors because they are unable to string it (either due to lack of strength or not knowing that a composite bow is strung backwards). The movie on the other hand shows the suitors (rather unconvincingly) unable to simply draw the bow.

Are there any Greek movies based on the Odyssey?

This Greek movie is apparently inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. An Anglo-Greek boy runs away from home in order to find his true father on the Greek island of Skiathos. Telemachus, the son of Odysseus did a similar thing when he went in search of his father.

What makes the Odyssey different from other TV series?

While his family and friends must continue their lives in the Real World, Jay finds himself in the magical Downworld on a quest to return home. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this series is the writers’ use of mirroring between the Upworld and Downworld scenes.

Who are the cast members of Showtime’s The Outsiders?

A former Marine sniper is called back into duty but discovers he’s the patsy in a conspiracy to assassinate the U.S. president in this action thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Kate Mara and Danny Glover. Kevin and Papa try to get their women back. Emmett shows Tiff a night on the town. Kiesha and Christian get to know each other better.

Why does Odissea have to be stored unstrung?

Bows have to be stored unstrung or they lose their strength over time (and this one is said to have not been touched for 20 years).