Where is the water filter on Frigidaire Gallery?

The water filter is located at the top right side of the fresh food compartment. To order your replacement filters, please visit our online store at www.frigidaire.com/store, by calling toll-free at 1-800-599-7569, or by visiting the dealer where you purchased your refrigerator.

What is the best water filter for a Frigidaire refrigerator?

These water filters are among the best options on the market and are compatible with most refrigerator brands.

  • BEST OVERALL: EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter.
  • RUNNER UP: Culligan Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System.

Can I use Frigidaire without water filter?

Does a refrigerator work without a water filter? Yes, as long as the bypass plug is installed. The plug replaces the water filter in the water filter housing. Essentially, it blocks the water from entering where the filter should be.

Where is the filter on Frigidaire refrigerator?

The majority of refrigerator filters are located in one of two locations: in the grille at the base of the fridge or in the back upper-right corner of the interior. In either location, you’ll see a knob or a button that will release the filter for removal.

Do all Frigidaire refrigerators use the same water filter?

Frigidaire filters are NSF certified, the gold standard in water filtration. It’s always important to use the same filter type that is currently in your refrigerator. Most Owner’s Manuals will provide you the water filter information specific to your model.

What water filters are compatible with Frigidaire?

Cross Reference Chart

OEM SpiroPure Also Known As
Frigidaire FPPWFU01 PurePour Water and Ice Filter
Frigidaire PAULTRA2 PureAir Ultra II Air Filter SP-FRAIR2 PAULTRAII2PK
Frigidaire ULTRAWF PureSource Ultra Water Filter SmartChoice SCWF3CTO

How do I know what filter I need for my fridge?

The filter required for your refrigerator will differ depending on the model you are using. You can find your model number in two places on your refrigerator. There is a sticker with the model and serial number of your device on the outside on the lower left side.

Will a Frigidaire ice maker work without a filter?

Will refrigerator water dispensers and ice makers work without a water filter? For most refrigerators, the water dispenser and ice maker will work just fine without a water filter, but some do require what’s called a filter bypass to continue working.

Where can I buy Frigidaire refrigerator water filters?

Find Frigidaire refrigerator water filters at Lowe’s today. Shop refrigerator water filters and a variety of appliances products online at Lowes.com.

Can a Frigidaire air filter be used on a Lowe’s refrigerator?

Excludes Lowe’s Business Credit accounts, Lowe’s Visa ® accounts and all Lowe’s Canada Credit accounts. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter these terms at any time. Keep your fridge fresher longer with Frigidaire PureAir Ultra® air filters. Our filter absorbs undesirable smells with carbon technology.

Where can I buy a water filter at Lowes?

Here are some of the most common water filter locations. Buy online or through our mobile app and pick up at your local Lowe’s. We’ll match the competition so you get the best deal. The ultimate shopping experience in the palm of your hand. For iOS and Android. With Lowe’s, you can enjoy clean, refreshing drinking water every day.

Is the Frigidaire puresource ultra water filter safe?

Keep safe, great tasting water flowing with PureSource Ultra® water filters. Our water filter reduces up to 99% of contaminants, cuts back on plastic and saves the cost of bottled water.