Where can you go white water rafting in Tennessee?

The Best Whitewater Rafting in Tennessee

  • Rip Roaring Adventures – Upper Pigeon Trip.
  • Ocoee Rafting – Middle Ocoee River Trip.
  • Rafting in the Smokies – Upper Pigeon River Whitewater Rafting Trip.
  • Smoky Mountain Outdoors Rafting – Lower River Rafting.
  • River Rat Tubing & Whitewater Rafting – Upper Pigeon Whitewater Rafting.

When can you go white water rafting in Tennessee?

The best time to go rafting is through the week in June, July and August or on weekends in the Spring and Fall. Saturdays of course are sometimes more convenient for many but Saturdays in July and August are the busiest days of the season and most of these days it is very crowded on the river.

How much does white water rafting cost in Tennessee?


Day Pricing Group Pricing
Tues – Thurs $39.95 $34.95
Saturday $39.95 $34.95
*Prices are per person & don’t include tax.

Can you whitewater raft in the Smoky Mountains?

If you’re looking for an exciting whitewater rafting adventure, Smoky Mountain Outdoors is the perfect place! SMO also offers a Lower River Rafting trip that is great for families and those who want a relaxing ride down the river. Not only will you see beautiful scenery, but kids love it.

Is there a weight limit white water rafting?

The short answer is no. There is no hard and fast weight limit for whitewater rafting. The longer answer is that weight could impact some other factors that play into whether you should go on a trip with us. But we will not dictate whether you can go out on the water based on your weight alone.

How long does it take to raft the Nantahala?

Enjoy eight miles of crystal clear water and constant waves that make the Nantahala River a delight for all ages and groups. This wonderful introduction to whitewater rafting takes just over 3 hours, contains numerous class I and II rapids, and ends with an exciting class III rapid, Nantahala Falls!

What is a Class 2 rapids?

Class II Whitewater Novice. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium-sized waves are easily missed.

What does a Class 2 rapid look like?

Class II – Moderate. Medium-quick water; rapids with regular waves; clear and open passages between rocks and ledges. Numerous high and irregular waves; rocks and eddies with passages clear but narrow and requiring experience to run. Visual inspection required if rapids are unknown.

Is there a weight limit for white water rafting in Tennessee?

Thanks to the buoyancy of our rafts in the water, there is no maximum weight requirement to go white water rafting in Gatlinburg.

Where to go for white water rafting in Tennessee?

Where your trip begins! Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, Pigeon Forge Chamber of Commerce, Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, Gatlinburg Hospitality and Tourism Association, and Pigeon Forge Hospitality and Tourism Association.

How old do you have to be to go white water rafting in Pigeon Forge?

The lower section of the Pigeon River is ideal for families with smaller children, as young as three years old. The upper section of the Pigeon River has the thrilling class 3 and 4 rapids.

Is there white water rafting in the Smokies?

The Upper Pigeon River is playful white water and more intense than the Lower Pigeon River section. Ages 8+ can raft the bouncy Upper Pigeon through the Smokies.

Who are the best guides for river rafting?

Wildwater Rafting – Ocoee Chris is a great guy and helped us have a bunch of fun! Was a super family adventure and we will definitely be back! 13. Outland Expeditions 14. Bigfoot Ocoee Outfitters Whitewater Rafting Lance was an amazing guide and we had a very fun experience on the river with him. 15. Ocoee Inn Rafting