What time zone is UTC?

United States GMT/UTC Offsets
Time Zone in United States UTC Offset Standard Time UTC Offset Daylight Saving Time
Central UTC – 6h UTC – 5h
Mountain UTC – 7h UTC – 6h * n/a for Arizona except in the Navajo Nation which does observe daylight saving time.
Pacific UTC – 8h UTC – 7h

Is there a zero time zone?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has no offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Europe, Africa, North America, Antarctica.

What countries are in time zone 0?


  • Azores. Ponta Delgada.
  • Burkina Faso. Bobo-Dioulasso. Ouagadougou.
  • Gambia. Banjul.
  • Ghana. Accra. Kumasi.
  • Greenland. Ittoqqortoormiit.
  • Guinea. Conakry. Nzérékoré
  • Guinea-Bissau. Bafatá Bissau.
  • Iceland. Reykjavik.

Where is the time zone line between Eastern and Central?

Florida – From the southwest corner of the State of Georgia to the midpoint of the Apalachicola River on the downstream side of Jim Woodruff Dam; thence southerly along the middle of the main channel of the Apalachicola River to its intersection with the Jackson River; thence westerly along the center of the Jackson …

Is New York in eastern time?

The state of New York uses the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00) with daylight saving time (UTC-04:00). Therefore, if a program airs at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, the network will usually advertise it by saying “Tonight at 7, 6 Central”, or just “Tonight at 7”.

Are there any free world time zone clocks?

World Time Zone Clocks World Time Zone Clocks is another free software app that allows you to view up to nine different clocks in one window. One minus point is that users frequently complain about its frustrating behavior as it runs a separate process for every clock displayed.

How can I get time zone clock on my computer?

Running on your PC Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of over 300 cities around the world. Simply select the cities you want to display the local time and they will be displayed on your desktop.

How to make a world clock for free?

Interactive World Map with Drag n’ Drop Functionality; Time Zones Database; City Markers; Country Flags; Full Time/Date; Time Zone Panel (8 Horizontal Time Zone Windows); Control Panel; Settings; Zoom In/Out; Solar Terminator; Embed Tag…

Why do you need world clock time zones?

The World Clock-Time Zones app can help you organize your favorite cities so that you can easily find out the correct local time, as well as get the most relevant time zone information about the city. Must be made in china because Beijing is the center of the universe… all times are related to the time there as the default.