What size tires fit a Honda FourTrax 300?

Honda Tires and Wheels Application Chart

TRX 300 2WD, 88-00 (R) 25x12x9 10×1.25mm
TRX 300 4WD, 88-00 (F) 23x8x11 10×1.25mm
TRX 300 4WD, 88-00 (R) 24x9x11 10×1.25mm
TRX 350 4WD, 86-92 (F) 24x9x11 10×1.25mm

How fast is a Honda 300 ATV?

About Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 The Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 (or TRX300FW) is a ground-breaking high-performance ATV produced by Honda from 1988 to 2000. It featured a 282-cc air-cooled four-stroke mono-cylinder engine and boasted remarkable towing capabilities, 45 mph top speed, and 20 horsepower.

What size are Honda Fourtrax tires?

Set of 4 WANDA ATV tires 23×8-11 & 25×12-9 for 88-91 Honda TRX300 Fourtrax.

What size tires are on a 1999 Honda Fourtrax 300?

The stock sizes are front rims 11×6. 5, front tires 23×8-11, rear rims 11×7. 5, and rear tires 24×9-11.

What’s the biggest Honda four wheeler?

In the FourTrax lineup, the Rincon holds the distinction of being Honda’s largest-displacement ATV, thanks to its liquid-cooled 675cc single-cylinder.

What do ATV tire sizes mean?

ATV tire explaination: ATV tires are listed in a set of three numbers, generally separated by dashes (25-10-12), or by an ‘x’ (25x10x12) or a combination of the two: 1st Number = The overall tire height when inflated (Ex. 25×10-12 is 25″ tall). 2nd Number = The overall tire width when inflated (Ex.

Can I put bigger tires on my ATV?

What Size Tires Will Fit My ATV or UTV? Bigger tires can assuredly help you gain ground clearance and traction in sand, deep mud, snow or uneven terrain. As a general rule, most vehicles can safely handle an increase in tire size one or even two sizes larger than stock.