What is the unladen weight of a Ford Transit?

Ford / Transit

Transit 280 2.2 TDCi MWB l/r 110
Gross Payload (Kg) 1111
Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 2800
Kerb Weight (Kg) 1689
Towing Limit (Kg) 700

How much does a Ford Transit short wheel base weight?

3,365kg in 340 series models. 3,500kg (aka 3.5 tonnes or 3.5t) in 350 series models (all Transit DCiVs are 350 series)

How much weight can a transit custom 280 carry?

Passenger & boot space Its load-carrying capacity is also among the best in class, with a gross vehicle weight range from 2.6 tonnes to 3.4 tonnes. Depending on the body length and height, the maximum payload is as much as 1459kg.

How much weight can a transit custom 290 carry?

Ford Transit Custom payload The maximum payload rating for the pre-2018 2.0-litre EcoBlue Transit Custom was 1,474kg.

How much weight can a Ford Transit 250 hold?

The most recent model year of the Transit 250, 2021, has a maximum capacity of 3537 to 3762 pounds for the Crew body. The Cargo body has an even larger range, froM3301 to 4085 pounds.

How much weight can a Ford Transit 150 hold?

Vehicle Specifications Towing Capacity (Max.) 540/5400 lbs. Payload Capacity for Trucks3734 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight for Trucks8600 lbs.

What’s the difference between Ford Transit 280 and 300?

The Ford Transit Custom 280 has a GVW of 2800kg, whereas the Ford Transit Custom 300 has a slightly higher GVW of 3000kg. So, you can see that the difference between the Ford Transit Custom 280 and 300 is the GVW and depending on the load/cargo, the 300 can safely hold a little more than the 280.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a Ford Transit van?

25.0 gal.
Used 2019 Ford Transit Van Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
Fuel tank capacity 25.0 gal.
Fuel type Premium unleaded (recommended)
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 0/0 mi.

What is the difference between Ford Transit 150 and 250?

As the midpoint in Ford’s commercial van line, the Transit 250 is nearly identical to the Transit 150 and Transit 350. Major differences come in suspension capacity and gross vehicle weight rating that make the Transit 250 more capable with heavier loads than the Transit 150 and less so than the 350.

How much weight can a 2016 Ford Transit 250 carry?

3,571 to 4,134 lbs
2016 Ford Transit-250/Payload

How much does a Ford Transit van weigh?

Gross Payload (Kg) 991: Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 2600: Kerb Weight (Kg) 1609: Towing Limit (Kg) 900

What’s the weight of a Ford EcoBlue transit?

The exact amount varies with engine type, trim level, fitted equipment and bodysize. The maximum payload rating for the pre-2018 2.0-litre EcoBlue Transit Custom was 1,474kg. This has fallen slightly following the MCA facelift to 1,459kg – but the Ford is still one of the heaviest lifters in the medium van class.

What are the features of the Ford Transit?

This feature 10 scans the road ahead and can alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians detected in your path. If an impact becomes imminent and you don’t take corrective action, the brakes can apply automatically.

How much can you tow in a Ford Transit?

All Transit Customs will tow 750kg unbraked. How much they can tow with a braked trailer varies widely between models, up to a maximum of 2.800kg. The long-wheelbase L2 versions are typically rated to tow more (or at least, offered in more versions that can tow up to 2,800kg), with most short-wheelbase L1 models limited to 2,500kg max.