What is Rosalina oil good for?

Rosalina essential oil is strong enough to treat serious skin conditions. Rosalina is a very ‘yin’ essential oil, calming and relaxing and its sedative effect can help induce sleep and provide stress relief. Rosalina oil has a mildly sedative and wonderful at lulling effect on children, helping them drift off to sleep.

What does Rosalina essential oil smell like?

It features a fresh, earthy, gentle lavender aroma with mild Eucalyptus and Tea Tree undertones. Therapeutically, Rosalina combines many of the same properties of both Tea Tree and Lavender. Its aromatic qualities are commonly used for the health of the respiratory system, body, and mind.

What can I use instead of Rosalina essential oil?

Rosalina essential oil can be used as a wonderful substitute and sometimes an addition to Tea Tree essential oil.

What is Australian Ericifolia essential oil used for?

Suggested Uses Diffuse it to refresh and deodorize your space. Add Australian Ericifolia to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply it to your chest for a soothing aromatic experience. Combine it with Lavender and Rosemary to promote the appearance of healthy-looking hair.

What note is Rosalina?

Rosalina Essential Oil (Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil) A fresh, lovely floral note of Lavender with a mild Eucalyptus and Tea Tree note, very calming.

What does lavender and tea tree oil do?

The lavender oil helps cleanse your skin and lessen redness and irritation. To use this essential oil for eczema, mix two drops with an equal amount of tea tree oil, along with two teaspoons of coconut oil. You can use it daily.

How do you use Ericifolia in Australia?

How to use Australian Ericifolia

  1. Stash a fresh scent.
  2. Add a few drops to aloe vera gel after a dreamy day in the sun for an extra-clean scent.
  3. Try a DIY foot soak for a mini staycation!
  4. Add a few drops to your favorite hand lotion for a freshly floral scent while you imagine Australian shores, no matter where you are!

What is blue cypress essential oil used for?

Blue Cypress essential oil fortifies confidence as it promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin and hair, was used traditionally to moisturize dry skin and also has a great aroma for e…

What note is Fragonia essential oil?

FragoniaTM essential oil has a uniquely pleasant, fresh, cineolic, green, citrus and tea tree-like aroma with slightly spicy, bright fruity-floral tonalities and sweet woody, soapy, balsamic notes in the drydown.

What kind of tree does Rosalina essential oil come from?

Rosalina Essential Oil. Rosalina Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Australian tree, Melaleuca ericifolia, commonly known as the Swamp Paperbark. Trees in the genus Melaleuca such as Tea Tree, Cajeput, Niaouli and Rosalina have bark with a paper-like characteristic, so they are commonly referred to as paperbarks.

Where did the Melaleuca plant Rosalina come from?

Rosalina essential oil is yet another splendidly beneficial member of the Melaleuca genus native to the outback of southeastern Australia. This glistening, refreshing essential oil was traditionally used by Aboriginal people as medicine, while the flowers were infused to make herbal beverages.

Which is better lavender oil or Rosalina oil?

Rosalina essential oil (also referred to as Lavender Tea Tree in Australia) has many of the same properties as Eucalyptus oil, yet it is gentler and safer.

How tall does a Rosalina tea tree grow?

Melaleuca ericifolia, commonly known as swamp paperbark is also sometimes referred to as Lavender Tea Tree. Rosalina is a tall, dense, tree-like shrub growing to a height of 25 feet. Flowers are creamy-white. It was identified in Australia as a potential new essential oil as far back as the 1950’s.