What is i-Factor bone graft?

i-FACTOR Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft made of a synthetic small peptide (P-15) bound to an anorganic bone mineral (ABM). This unique combination creates a surface-bound “Attract, Attach, Activate” mechanism of action that enhances the body’s natural bone healing process.

What is I-FACTOR made from?

i-FACTOR Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft made of a small peptide, P-15 Osteogenic Cell Binding Peptide, bound to an anorganic bone mineral (ABM). i-FACTOR Bone Graft products are sterilized after packaging (terminally sterilized), can be stored at room temperature and have a three-year shelf life.

Who makes I-FACTOR?

Cerapedics initial P-15 technology product, i-FACTOR Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft, was approved in the European Union in 2008 and Australia in 2010 for use in the repair of bony voids or defects in orthopedic applications throughout the skeletal system (i.e., the spine and extremities).

What is I-FACTOR putty?

i-FACTOR™ Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft (also referred to as i-FACTOR™ Bone Graft or i-FACTOR™ Putty) is a composite bone graft material consisting of multiple components – a synthetic peptide (P-15) adsorbed onto calcium phosphate particles, which are suspended in a hydrogel carrier.

Where does bone graft come from?

The two most common types of bone grafts are: allograft, which uses bone from a deceased donor or a cadaver that has been cleaned and stored in a tissue bank. autograft, which comes from a bone inside your body, such as your ribs, hips, pelvis, or wrist.

Is Ifactor human tissue?

i-FACTOR Bone Graft is a composite bone substitute material consisting of a synthetic cell-binding domain of Type I human collagen (P-15) adsorbed onto anorganic bone mineral. P-15 has demonstrated bone-healing efficacy in dental, orthopaedic and non-human applications.

What is infuse Medtronic?

Infuse Bone Grafts are synthetic proteins that help grow new bone. They are developed by Medtronic and approved for use in certain spine, dental and trauma indications. Infuse has been used in more than a million procedures worldwide, but recent reports link the biotech device to a number of serious complications.

What is anorganic bone mineral?

ANORGANIC BONE MINERAL (ABM) One component of i-FACTOR Biologic Bone Graft is anorganic bone mineral. ABM particles are a natural form of hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6OH2] that contains crystal lattice defect sites. ABM provides an ideal scaffold for bone growth because.

Where do dentists get bone for bone grafts?

Block bone graft Bone is typically taken from the back of the jawbone, near your wisdom teeth (or where your wisdom teeth once were). This is usually done in cases where there’s been significant bone loss toward the front of the jaw.

What is P15 peptide?

The P15 peptide is a biomimetic for the cell-binding domain of alpha-1 chain of the human collagen type I protein. It is currently being used in clinical trials as a surface coating on an anorganic bone material (ABM/P15) shown to enhance spinal fusion rates.

Are bone grafts safe?

What are the risks for bone grafting? Bone grafting is generally safe, but it does have some rare risks. There is also a risk that your bone might not heal well even with your bone graft.