What is a ConFlat flange?

ConFlat (CF) and wire seal flanges are part of the same family of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) components that compress a copper or elastomer gasket between two stainless steel flanges to create a vacuum tight seal.

How does a ConFlat flange work?

CF (ConFlat) flanges use an oxygen-free high thermal conductivity copper gasket and knife-edge flange to achieve an ultrahigh vacuum seal. Deformation of the metal gasket fills small defects in the flange, allowing Conflat flanges operate down to 10−13 Torr (10−11 Pa) pressure.

What is an ASA flange?

ASA (ANSI) vacuum flanges provide a complete range of fittings to mount with tubing sized from 1 to 12 inches in diameter. The flange system consists of two flanges, a sealing ring and bolt fasteners to compress the seal between the two flanges.

What is ISO flange?

ISO HV Flanges (also called Large ISO) have a sexless design and are made from 304L stainless or aluminum. Each flange face is counter-bored or grooved to receive a metal centering ring with an elastomeric o-ring around its O.D. As with KF, the ISO centering ring both aligns the flanges and holds the o-ring in place.

What is KF clamp?

KF (QF) aluminium machined clamps are used (in conjunction with a centering ring with fitted o-ring) for mating KF flanges. The KF (QF) flange is used for through- or foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple HV chamber ports.

What does class 150 flange mean?

For example, a Class 150 flange is rated to approximately 270 PSIG at ambient conditions, 180 PSIG at approximately 400°F, 150 PSIG at approximately 600°F, and 75 PSIG at approximately 800°F. In other words, when the pressure goes down, the temperature goes up and vice versa.

What is the standard size for a flange?

ANSI standard flange dimensions are designated as 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500, in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24. Regardless of size or specification, flanges are fundamentally designed to close, cover, connect, or support pipe systems.

What is the diameter of a flange?

Many flanges are simply 3 inches in diameter, which means the top and bottom are each 3 inches wide. These flanges must install on a 3-inch-diameter schedule 40 drain pipe or directly to a 3-inch closet bend.

What is CF flange?

The CF flange (originally called ConFlat) is a sexless design where both flanges are identical. Typical flange materials are austenitic stainless steel types 304L, 316L, 316LN, and surface hardened aluminum (made from a weldable Al alloy ). The seal mechanism is a knife-edge that is machined below the flange’s flat surface.