What happened to TOKiMONSTA?

This Is How She Regained Them. For the first time, the electronic producer shares her struggle with Moyamoya, a rare and dangerous disease that required a rewiring of her brain.

Does TOKiMONSTA speak Korean?

Do you speak Korean? TOKiMONSTA: Yeah I do.

What genre is TOKiMONSTA?


What disease did Tokimonsta?

Lee was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease in late 2015. After undergoing two brain surgeries, she briefly lost language and comprehension skills. Once these were regained, Lee eventually began work on her 2017 album Lune Rouge, despite not being able to fully understand music.

Where is Tokimonsta?

Los Angeles, CA
TOKiMONSTA/Place of birth

What nationality is Tokimonsta?


Who is Anderson PAAK’s wife?

Jae Linm. 2011
Anderson .Paak/Wife

Who is Anderson PAAK’s son?

Soul Rasheed
Anderson .Paak/Sons

Why is there a period in Anderson PAAK?

In an interview with NPR in January 2016, Paak was asked why the period in his name was important, and he replied, “The dot stands for “detail” — always be paying attention to detail. It sounds like the period in his name serves as a reminder of his evolution as an artist.

Does Anderson PAAK drugs?

Hellfyre Club vocalist/drummer Anderson Paak knows this. His single “Drugs” distills the chaotic and often toxic comingling of narcotics and the carnal into alluring bacchanal. Yet I’ve played “Drugs” more times than there are capsules in several scripts of Vicodin.

How does Anderson PAAK pronounce his name?

Oxnard, California, U.S. Brandon Paak Anderson (born February 8, 1986), known professionally as Anderson .Paak (/pæk, pɑːk/), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and drummer.

What is Anderson’s sons name?