What happened to The Rock at WrestleMania 29?

Aftermath. The Rock suffered legitimate torn muscles and tendons around his pelvis from the match. He later returned at WrestleMania XXX, albeit a non-wrestling appearance.

What injury did The Rock have?

He explained that the appearance of his midriff is due to an old wrestling injury and the resulting surgery in 2013. “I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis in a wrestling match,” Johnson said. “That caused a chain reaction and it tore my abdomen wall.

How did Rock hurt himself?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a video from the gym on Instagram Monday, revealing that he got hit in the face with some chains and needs stitches. In the video’s caption, Johnson said that “things get extremely intense” in the gym, and explained how he got the gash.

When did The Rock get hurt?

The former WWE champion has become a blockbuster Hollywood star since leaving behind his wrestling career, but an in-ring return against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in 2013 saw him suffer a nasty injury which has actually had an impact on his figure to this day.

What WrestleMania did Cena beat The Rock?

WrestleMania XXVIII was the 28th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE. It took place on April 1, 2012 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida….Results.

No. 9
Results The Rock defeated John Cena
Stipulations Singles match
Times 30:35

Why did CM Punk leave WWE?

Former WWE Champion CM Punk returned to pro-wrestling for the first time since leaving the wrestling ring in January 2014. The five-time WWE Champion had left the company after creative frustrations and sour relations with Chairman Vince McMahon after Royal Rumble 2014.

How did The Rock tear his Achilles?

“I ruptured my Achilles on the set of The Game Plan in Boston. I was playing a quarterback and popped it right on the field. They took me over to Fenway Park.

Does The Rock have scars?

The Rock has been trying alternate therapies to treat his famous rippled physique. Taking to this Instagram account on Tuesday, the retired wrestler, 48, posted a picture of painful-looking scars down his back after trying out cupping.

What happened to The Rock at the gym?

In a new video posted to his Instagram, Johnson showed off a recent bloody wound he sustained while “throwing around” his 50-pound chain weights. “Sometimes, well oftentimes, things get intense here in the iron paradise,” Johnson said in the video, with blood visibly running down the side of his face.

Did Cena ever beat The Rock?

Storyline and Buildup On Raw after Mania episode in 2012, Cena accepted his defeat and called The Rock out to congratulate him. On 25 February episode of Raw, Cena would go on to vanquished CM Punk challenge after defeating his decisively and set the repeat of last year’s main event match from WrestleMania.

Who was the main event at WrestleMania 29?

In the main event, John Cena defeated The Rock to win his record eleventh WWE Championship, as well as avenging his loss to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. It also included The Undertaker defeating CM Punk, concluding a storyline revolving around Paul Bearer ‘s death and The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak.

How many matches did John Cena win at WrestleMania?

Nine professional wrestling matches were contested at the event, with one match contested on the Pre-Show. In the main event, John Cena defeated The Rock to win his record eleventh WWE Championship, as well as avenging his loss to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII.

What was the highest attended WrestleMania in history?

WrestleMania set a new world record of 80,676 fans at MetLife Stadium and is the third-highest attended Wrestling event in history after WrestleMania III and WrestleMania 32 Sean “Diddy” Combs performed a medley of tracks during the event, and Living Colour performed ” Cult of Personality ” as CM Punk made his way to the ring.

Where was WrestleMania held in New York City?

WrestleMania is considered WWE’s flagship event, and has been described as the Super Bowl of sports entertainment. This was the fifth WrestleMania in the New York metropolitan area; WrestleMania I, X, and XX were held at Madison Square Garden, and a portion of WrestleMania 2 was held at Nassau Coliseum.