What elevation is Payson AZ?


Payson sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet. It’s generally about 15-20 degrees cooler than the Valley during the afternoons.

How much snow does Payson AZ get?

Climate Averages

Payson, Arizona United States
Snowfall 14.6 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 64.6 days 106.2 days
Sunny 286 days 205 days
Avg. July High 90.4° 85.8°

What is the elevation of Mogollon Rim?

7,000 ft
Elevation: The elevation of the Transition Zone averages between 1,200 – 1,500 meters (4,000 – 5,000 feet), but exceeds 2,130 meters (7,000 ft) along the Mogollon Rim.

What is the elevation of Christopher Creek AZ?

Christopher Creek/Elevation

What is the cost of living in Payson AZ?

Payson cost of living is 99.1

COST OF LIVING Payson Arizona
Grocery 97.3 96.1
Health 103.9 95.2
Housing 114.7 107.8
Median Home Cost $328,700 $349,300

What is the hottest month in Payson AZ?

Average Temperature in Payson The hot season lasts for 3.5 months, from June 1 to September 17, with an average daily high temperature above 84°F. The hottest day of the year is July 3, with an average high of 92°F and low of 63°F.

Is Payson AZ a good place to live?

Payson is a great sized town (small enough to feel comfortable and safe, but large enough to have a lot of things going on). Also super close to Phoenix (and the airport) and Flagstaff (awesome college town. A bit hot in the summer for my tastes but the winter makes up for it.

How old is the Mogollon Rim?

between 30 and 25 million years ago
It is now known that Mogollon Rim was “born” sometime between 30 and 25 million years ago, as the colorful layers were progressively stripped back to the north from the crest of the ancient Highlands (yes, rocks in the Mogollon Rim once stretched much farther south before they were eroded).

Is the Mogollon Rim closed?

Flagstaff, Ariz. All forest roads on the Mogollon Rim Ranger District that are north of milepost 308 on State Route 87 are open, as well as those that are west of milepost 244 on SR 260. Stoneman Lake road (Forest Road 213) is also currently open. All other main forest roads in that district are closed.

Is Christopher Creek dry?

The rim serves as the geographical dividing line between the cool high country above and the hot, dry desert below. Christopher Creek is located in the desert portion, but is balanced by the cool waters of the creek and forested surroundings.

Where is Christopher Creek at?

Christopher Creek is a census-designated place in northern Gila County in the U.S. state of Arizona. Situated at the base of the Mogollon Rim, the community lies at an elevation of 5,961 feet (1,817 m), and is located approximately 23.5 miles (37.82 km) northeast of Payson, just off SR 260.

What is the safest city in AZ?

Safest Cities in Arizona, 2019

Rank City Safety Index
1 Paradise Valley 0.82
2 Oro Valley 0.8
3 Florence 0.47
4 Marana 0.44

Where is the town of Payson, AZ located?

Payson is a town in northern Gila County, Arizona, United States. Its location puts it very near to the geographic center of Arizona. Payson has been called The Heart of Arizona. The town is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and has many outdoor activities year round.

What kind of climate does Payson AZ have?

Owing to its elevation of 5,000 feet (1,500 m), Payson has what is classified as a Mediterranean climate ( Köppen Csa ), though atypical for this climate with its early-summer drought and late-summer rainfall.

Who was the first postmaster of Payson AZ?

Payson considers its founding year 1882, at which time the town was known as “Green Valley”. On March 3, 1884, a post office was established with the help of Illinois Representative Levi Joseph Payson. The first postmaster was Frank C. Hise.

What is the state route from Payson to Phoenix?

State Route 87, the Beeline Highway, leads southwest 90 miles (140 km) to Phoenix and northeast 90 miles (140 km) to Winslow. State Route 260 leads east from Payson 90 miles (140 km) to Show Low .