What are the funniest TV commercials of all time?

The world’s only dedicated collection of funny branded social media posts, history’s funniest TV Commercials, hilarious Facebook Ads, side-splitting YouTube Adverts and delicious witty Print Advertising – all gathered together in one database. Ok – this is it. The big one.

Which is the best type of commercial to make you laugh?

However, it’s often the humorous ads – the clever, laugh out loud, rolling on the floor ads – that will not only connect with audiences, but also get them talking, sharing, and thinking positively about a brand. Clever and funny advertising provokes a feel-good feeling.

Which is the most clever advert in the world?

The front of the packet shows a beat up ingredient while the back reveals how it happened. In this case, it was carrot versus eggbeater. Axe is known for clever multimedia advertisements and here they tap into the clever crowd that code those ads. With a bit of geek wit, it uses code-speak to make an inside joke that is really not an inside joke.

What’s the point of designing a funny ad?

“Designing funny,” says comedian Heather Bradley, “is about influencing people to react in a specific way.” The concept is the all-important factor here, which is supported by and expressed through imagery, words, media, and ad placement.

Which is the funniest brand in the world?

A self-deprecating star, and a brand that refuses to take itself too (/at all) seriously – that’s a match made in comedy commercial heaven. (as a side-note – the Innocent team are a content marketer’s dream. You can read more about how their humorous campaigns right here over here ).

Who is the guy in the cigar advert?

Gregor Fisher (of Rab C Nesbitt fame) stars in this funny Advert for something you can’t sell on TV any more: cigars. These Ad Campaigns have been consigned to the archives. Archives like ours. When everybody’s favourite chocolate bar (what?

Which is the best example of humor in advertising?

Proof that humor in advertising can be weird AF and still work. We’re massively into it. This hardware store are there for their customers – whenever they need them. Even when that means going to scary extremes. When times are hard, every parent looks to save money where they can.