What appointments do you have when pregnant NHS?

Your antenatal appointments

  • First contact with midwife or doctor. Contact a GP or midwife as soon as possible after you find out that you’re pregnant.
  • 8 to 12 weeks: booking appointment.
  • 8 to 14 weeks: dating scan.
  • 16 weeks pregnant.
  • 18 to 20 weeks.
  • 25 weeks pregnant.
  • 28 weeks.
  • 31 weeks.

When do you have antenatal appointments?

Your first antenatal visit is known as your booking appointment. It should ideally take place before 10 weeks of pregnancy, so that your midwife can offer you early scans and tests if she feels it’s necessary. But it may happen any time between about eight weeks and 12 weeks.

Are antenatal appointments free?

You do not need a medical card or a GP visit card to get free antenatal care.

What Week Should I see my GP when pregnant?

The booking visit (usually between 8 to 12 weeks) This usually takes place between 8 to 12 weeks of your pregnancy.

Are you entitled to antenatal appointments?

While you’re pregnant you can take paid time off work for antenatal appointments your doctor, nurse or midwife recommends. This might include parenting or relaxation classes as well as medical appointments. You have a right to this time off if you’re entitled to maternity leave.

What happens at your first antenatal appointment?

What happens at the first antenatal appointment? Your midwife or doctor will ask you questions about your health such as any illnesses, medications, operations and other pregnancies and what happened. They will also ask about your family’s medical history. You might also be asked whether you smoke or use other drugs.

What questions should I ask at my 15 week appointment?

Measure the height of your uterus to gauge your baby’s growth. Check your weight and blood pressure. Check your baby’s heart rate. Ask you to leave a urine sample to check your sugar and protein levels.

What will happen at my 16 week appointment?

When you’re about 16 weeks pregnant, you’ll have a second antenatal appointment with your midwife to check baby size and fetal development. You may also get to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. At this appointment, you may also get the results of any blood tests you had at your booking appointment.

When do I need to make an antenatal appointment?

There are certain tests that you will have at every antenatal appointment in order to monitor your health and the development of your baby. You should make contact with your doctor or midwife as soon as possible once you know you are pregnant. Most women have their booking appointment between week 8 and 12 of the pregnancy.

Where can I go for antenatal care in England?

If you’re pregnant in England you will be offered: You may also be offered antenatal classes, including breastfeeding workshops. Ask your midwife about classes in your area. You can book an appointment with your GP or directly with your midwife as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

Do you need to see a GP for antenatal care?

However you can also book antenatal appointments with any of the doctors during their regular sessions for your antenatal checks. You don’t need to see a GP to refer for maternity services you can make a self referral to a local hospital by following one of the following links:

What kind of Doctor do you see for antenatal care?

You’ll have a number of antenatal appointments during your pregnancy, and you’ll see a midwife or sometimes an obstetrician (doctor specialising in pregnancy). They’ll check the health of you and your baby, give you useful information and answer any questions. Pregnant employees have the right to paid time off for antenatal care.