Is sublease agreement legal in India?

The Supreme Court further stated, “Subletting, assigning or otherwise parting with the possession of the whole or any part of the tenancy premises, without obtaining the consent in writing of the landlord, is not permitted and if done, the same provides a ground for eviction of the tenant by the landlord”.

How do you create a sublease agreement?

How to Write a Sublease Agreement

  1. Premises: address and description of the residence that is being leased.
  2. Tenant: full name and address of the original tenant.
  3. Subtenant: full name and address of the subtenant who is taking over the lease.
  4. Term: when the sublease will begin and end.

What is sublease agreement in India?

Format of Lease Deed for sub lease of Leased property to another third party tenant. A sublease is the renting of property by a tenant to a third party for a portion of the tenant’s existing lease contract. Sub leasing with the consent of the Landlord is legal in India.

Are sublease agreements legal?

You can sublet a property by creating a Sublet Agreement, which is a legally binding contract that states both the tenant’s and landlord’s consent to the sublease.

What should a sublease include?

A sublease contains details about the rental arrangement between the sublandlord and subtenant, including whether:

  1. The sublease term will be fixed or renew automatically.
  2. The entire premises or a portion of the premises will be sublet.
  3. Rent and utilities will be the same as under the master lease.

What is the process of sublease?

Subleasing occurs when the tenant transfers a part of their legal tenancy to a third party as a new tenant. That means that if a new subtenant does not pay rent for three months, the original tenant that subleased the property is liable to the landlord for the overdue rent amount and any late fees.

Who are the parties in sublease agreement?

Sublease refers to the arrangement where a person, known as lessee, leases out the property which is taken on lease from the lessor to a third party in exchange of periodic rentals and is generally done by the lessee when the asset cannot be used up to its full potential and lessee decides to sub-let that un-utilized …

Can you sublet to yourself?

You may have already guessed by now that it is indeed legal to sublet your home. There is one caveat, however: you need your landlord’s permission. The only way you can sublet without the landlord’s permission is if there is a clause in the tenancy agreement.

What happens if you sublet without permission?

If a tenant is subletting without consent, it’s likely they will have broken terms in their tenancy agreement. This breach of contract means that the landlord can take action to evict them from their home. Possession proceedings can be started quickly, but it’s important to follow the correct legal process.

Is there a sublease agreement available in India?

This Sublease Agreement is designed for use in India. This legal form is available for immediate download. Unlike other sites, every document on is prepared by a lawyer, so you can be sure that you are getting a form that is accurate and valid in India. Our team works tirelessly to keep our products current.

When does a landlord consent to a sublease?

This form is used when the current tenant of a property, who has signed a lease with a landlord, wishes to transfer the lease and its terms to another individual for a specified time period. This form details the terms of the sublease and indicates that the landlord approves of it.

Why do I need to sign a sublease agreement?

A sublease agreement is an agreement used by a residential tenant to re-rent all or part of his dwelling to another individual for all or part of his lease term. A tenant may choose to sublease his space for any number of reasons, which may include an extended vacation, a work reassignment or a change in circumstance.

When do I need to refund my sublease agreement?

If you are unhappy with your form purchase for any reason at all, contact us within 60 days and we will refund 100% of your money back. A Sublease Agreement is necessary when a party (the sublessor) leases a portion or all of an already rented or leased property to another party (the subtenant). Subletting is quite common.