Is Loftus Hall closing down?

The “most haunted house” in the country is to close at the end of this year. Aidan Quigley, the owner of Loftus Hall on the Hook peninsula in Co Wexford, said the popular tourist attraction would reopen its doors for summer tours on Saturday, but this season would be its last.

How many rooms are in Loftus Hall?

22 bedrooms
Loftus Hall, in Fethard on Sea, Wexford sits on 63 acres with direct access to the beach. It has 22 bedrooms and has accommodated film crews attracted by its spooky setting.

Who lived in Loftus Hall?

Over the subsequent years, the building served as a home for the Benedictine nuns, a school for girls run by The Sisters of Providence and at one point even became ‘The Loftus Hall Hotel’ which closed in the early 1900s. In 2011 the house was sold to its current owners – The Quigley family.

What happened at Loftus Hall?

Attack during the Irish Confederate Wars. In 1642, the future Loftus Hall – then still known as Redmond’s Hall – was attacked by English soldiers loyal to Charles I of England. The English were routed and driven back to the fort.

Who owns Loftus Hall in Ireland?

Aidan & Shane Quigley

Loftus Hall
Coordinates 52.1487168°N 6.9105639°WCoordinates:52.1487168°N 6.9105639°W
Elevation 15 metres (49 ft)
Opened 1350
Owner Aidan & Shane Quigley

Where in Ireland is Loftus Hall?

County Wexford
Visit Loftus Hall, one of Ireland’s famous haunted houses. This mansion on the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford is on the site of the original castle, Redmond Hall, that was built in 1350 during the Black Death pandemic. Discover the gruesome and colourful past of Loftus Hall on the stunning Hook Peninsula.

What movie was in Loftus Hall?

The Lodgers
‘The Lodgers’ was filmed at the famous building and gardens of Loftus Hall on the Hook Peninsula in September and October 2016 – coincidentally the 666th anniversary year of the house.

Is Ireland a poor country?

Despite several successive years of economic growth and significant improvements since 2000, Ireland’s population is marginally more at risk of poverty than the EU-15 average and 6.8% of the population suffer “consistent poverty”.

Where was the lodgers movie filmed?

Loftus Hall
The film will be almost entirely shot in Ireland’s ‘most haunted house’ Loftus Hall, celebrating its 666th birthday this year.

Does Queen Elizabeth own Ireland?

The British monarchy, specifically, continued and continues in Northern Ireland, which remains a part of the sovereign state that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. From 1921 until 1973, the British monarch was officially represented in Northern Ireland by the Governor of Northern Ireland.

Where is Loftus Hall on the Hook Peninsula?

This place is Loftus Hall – a large 9 bay mansion house set on 63 acres of forgotten farmland in the heart of the Hook Peninsula. The history of this eerie abode begins around 1350 when it was built by the Redmond Family. The House, then called ‘Redmond Hall’ was one of the finest houses in the Hook area.

Which is the most haunted house in Ireland?

If ever a building fit the stereotype of a home haunted by its bloody and tragic past, this was it. Set against the backdrop of a rugged and windswept coastal setting, Loftus Hall looms over the surrounding landscape.

Is it possible to sell Loftus Hall in Ireland?

However, Aidan and Shane Quigley have put a new roof on the building and made several significant structural repairs to the hall since then. Even if someone matches the current price tag, Aidan Quigley says he is “not just going to sell it (house) to anyone: I’ll be interviewing potential buyers. If a state body comes in, that’s an option.

When did the ghost of Loftus Hall die?

Anne died in 1775 but it is unknown if she died in her beloved tapestry room. There are many different theories on this story today. Some people truly believe that the devil did visit the hall on that night and left behind his spirit to terrify occupants for centuries afterwards.