Is Howie Kendrick injury?

Kendrick has been sidelined for three consecutive games with a hamstring issue, and he’ll remain in a bench role Tuesday.

What happened Howie Kendrick?

After 15 seasons, four teams and two postseason home runs that will live forever in Washington, Howie Kendrick has retired from baseball. The 37-year-old announced his decision in an Instagram post Monday evening.

Did Howie Kendrick retire?

December 2020
Howie Kendrick/Career end

Is Stephen Strasburg injured?

Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg will undergo surgery to address his neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome and will miss the rest of the season, team manager Dave Martinez announced on Tuesday. The surgery will address the nerve issue Strasburg has been dealing with in his neck.

What team is Howie Kendrick on?

Howie Kendrick
Runs batted in 724
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2006–2014) Los Angeles Dodgers (2015–2016) Philadelphia Phillies (2017) Washington Nationals (2017–2020)
Career highlights and awards

How old is Kendrick?

34 years (June 17, 1987)
Kendrick Lamar/Age

Who is Howie Kendrick married to?

Jody Kendrickm. 2007
Howie Kendrick/Spouse

Is Kyle schwarber hurt?

Kyle Schwarber Returns, Plays First Game With Boston Red Sox After Injury. After a red-hot and record-setting June, Kyle Schwarber injured a hamstring on July 3 and missed more than six weeks.

Is Howie Kendrick married?

Who is Kyle Schwarber going to play for?

Boston Red Sox#18 / Left fielder
Kyle Schwarber/Current teams

BOSTON — The Boston Red Sox acquired All-Star slugger Kyle Schwarber from the Washington Nationals for a minor-league pitcher late Thursday. The trade was announced after the AL East-leading Red Sox lost to the Toronto Blue Jays 13-1 at Fenway Park. The Red Sox are 1½ games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.