How to get forklift job shenmue?

Head to the Alpha Trading Office at 2pm – it’s next to the waterfront (from the New Warehouse District, head north-west so the water is on your right, and it’s to the left). Your job is to drive a forklift truck, moving crates from one area to the next.

How do you win a forklift race in Shenmue?

Getting the feel of the Forklift is obviously the key to your success, so practice working as fast as you can during the day to help you during your races. Touching any walls will stop you dead, and possibly force you to reverse, so it’s wiser to slow down and turn completely than ram into one of the sides.

How many days do you have to work in Shenmue?

If you do everything right, you work for 5 days. But if you don’t progress the story by missing event triggers, you can work for months… Just meet quota and they should trigger the right events.

How do you get to the harbor in Shenmue?

Head to Sakuragoaka – it’s the residential area before Dobuita – and head north-east (or turn right at the Abe Store) where there is a motorcycle. Press the intercom to the left of the motorcycle will lend it you. Next is a motorcycle ride down to the harbour, which has to be completed with a time limit.

How do you get a forklift job in Shenmue 3?

Talk to the guy in the ferry terminal. Look at the banner outside where the tour guide guy is, then go back to the first guy and the option appears to do the forklift job.

Where is the Alpha Trading Office Shenmue?

Alpha Trading Office

Alpha Trading Office – アルファ貿易事務所
Location New Yokosuka Harbour District, Yokosuka, Japan
Building Type Office
Known Workers Ryozo Yada Tadashi Muraoka Azusa Kayama Takako Michii Izumi Sunaga Akihiro Ishida
Opening Time Unknown

How many hours is Shenmue 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 66 23h 47m
Main + Extras 41 28h 48m
Completionists 14 32h 15m
All PlayStyles 121 26h 27m

Does Shenmue 2 have a time limit?

April 15th is the time limit. You have enough time to beat the game like 6 times over before the bad ending lol… There is no chance someone could fail to finish the game in time unless they purposely tried.

How long is Shenmue 1 and 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 15 34h 13m
Main + Extras 23 38h 51m
Completionists 14 43h 44m
All PlayStyles 52 38h 50m

Does Shenmue have multiple endings?

Shenmue doesn’t have a proper ending because it’s just a big fat ‘To Be Continued’ that lies through its pixelly teeth. But did you know that Shenmue has an alternate, ‘Bad’ ending? That you actually get to see Lan Di again in the first game after that intro and dream sequence? Check this out…

Can you skip time in Shenmue?

You’ll sometimes have to kill time – but there’s plenty of things to do. Shenmue’s pacing is occasionally uneven, asking you to wait hours or entire days before you can continue the story. Unlike the sequel, the first game doesn’t have a time skip option, so you have to kill time before you can progress.