How many dogs did Karana kill in island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana shoots her arrows and seriously wounds the leader. He disappears while she kills two other dogs.

Why is Karana afraid of the Aleut girl?

Karana was afraid the Aleut girl would find her cave because lots of different types of food grew in the ravine near her cave (page number). Karana hates and fears the Aleuts because they killed her father and most of her people.

What does Karana see while she is gathering items for her canoe?

Knowing that gathering enough wood to make a new canoe will take a long time, Karana searches for wreckage from the old canoes. She finds the remains of one of her canoes, and brings the planks back to her house.

What happened to the ship that left Karana?

We learn that after Karana reaches Mission Santa Barbara on the mainland, she finds out that the ship carrying her people sank. No wonder the ship never returned to rescue her.

Why does Karana not kill the dog?

Karana’s plan of attack against the wild dogs works perfectly, but when she has the chance to finish Rontu, she doesn’t take it. It seems, then, that Karana does not kill Rontu because he is helpless.

Why did Karana not kill the wild dog?

Why didn’t Karana kill the leader of the wild dogs when she had a chance? The dog stayed on the ground; if he got up she may have shot him. She wanted a friend.

What gift does Karana make for the Aleut girl?

abalone disk circlet
Karana makes an abalone disk circlet for Tutok’s hair. She misses Tutok when the Aleut girl leaves the island with the hunting group.

What did Karana and Tutok the Aleut girl do together?

Tutok is the young Aleutian girl who becomes friends with Karana when the Russian hunters return to the island a second time. Tutok becomes friends with Karana when they exchange names and play games together during Tutok’s short stay on the island. …

What kept Karana from being lonely?

Rontu kept karana from being lonely.

How did Karana feel after she returned to the island?

How did Karana feel when she finally reached the island? She felt tired, relieved, happy and mad. Karana left the island because she could not bear to live there alone another day; yet when she returned she felt happy.

What Karana made to protect her eyes from the bright sun?

Describe what Karana made to protect her eyes from the bright sun. Karana made sunglasses from wood with small slits in them for her to see through them. What had startled Karana when she was asleep under the canoe?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship.

How does Karana die in island of the Blue Dolphins?

Eventually, the dogs run out of the cave, and Karana hits the leader in his chest with her first arrow. She uses her remaining four arrows to kill three more dogs. But by the time she is ready to finish off the gray dog, he is gone. Karana follows the trail of his blood, and eventually finds him on the ground, nearly dead.

What happens to Rontu in island of the Blue Dolphins?

From then onwards, Rontu stays with Karana, and the other dogs leave them alone. Karana captures two baby songbirds, and cuts their wings so she will have more friends. She also creates some nicer clothes for herself, including a yucca skirt, flower wreaths, and hairpins.

How did Karana develop her relationship with animals?

Karana’s relationship with animals has also evolved over the years. When she was first abandoned, she avoided the wild dogs because she knew she was not strong enough to take them on. Now she exercises complete control over them.

Who is the leader of the wild dogs in island of the Blue Dolphins?

At the cave where the wild dogs live, Karana builds a fire to smoke the animals out. There are far more dogs than she has arrows, so she saves them for the leader. Because the leader dog is gray and has yellow eyes – a different breed than most of the others – she assumes he came from the Aleut ship.