How do you get a Fletchling?

Fletchling can be found in the wild in both the Potbottom Desert and just before you approach the Tower of Darkness. You can also find it flapping around Loop Lake, but again, only during sunny days and no other weather conditions.

Is Fletchling any good?

They’re a fire- and flying-type Pokemon that’s comparable to Charizard. It’s going to be a Pokemon that excels in Ultra League, according to Go Hub. With that said, shiny Fletchling itself is a decent-looking shiny.

What is the Hundo for Fletchling?

Evolving 100% FLETCHLING to TALONFLAME in Pokemon Go – Gen 6 Kalos Celebration Event – YouTube.

What games is Fletchling in?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Fletchling() is a species of Pokémon in the series of the same name. It is a dual-type Normal-type/Flying-type Pokémon that made its first appearance in the sixth generation games X and Y.

Can you catch a Fletchling?

Fletchling is the regional bird Pokémon of Kalos and can evolve into the popular and powerful Talonflame. For six hours, trainers will be able to catch as many Fletchling as possible and may even come across its rare Shiny form.

What level does Fletchling learn fly?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Acc.
35 Tailwind
40 Steel Wing 90
45 Roost
50 Fly 95

What CP is a 100% Fletchling?

Fletchling stats

Max CP Attack Defense
905 95 80

Can Fletchling learn fly?

Fletchling appears as a Poké Ball summon. It jumps around and pecks opponents. It can fly to reach nearby platforms or come back to the stage if needed.

How rare is a shiny Fletchling?

The normal Shiny encounter rate is about one every 450 encounters, but during Community Day that rate increases dramatically to roughly one every 24 encounters. If you’re looking, you’ll be sure to run into a few by the event’s end.

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