Does AdMob work on iOS?

Among all the mobile ad networks, it is undeniable that Google’s AdMob is the most popular one. Similar to iAd, Google provides SDK for developers to embed ads in their iOS app. You earn ad revenue when a user views or clicks your ads. To use AdMob in your apps, you will need to use the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

How do I refresh native ads?

1 Answer

  1. Using 2 views: First once for content, second for ads to show. Then turn on auto-refresh in Admob setting.
  2. Using a global variable to check the period of time. Then you can decide to make a new Ad request or not.

How long does AdMob take to update?

When you first sign up for AdMob, your account is reviewed before it’s approved. This typically takes up to 24 hours, but in rare cases can take up to 2 weeks.

Does AdMob use IDFA?

Yes, it does. From the AdMob page: The Mobile Ads SDK for iOS utilizes Apple’s advertising identifier (IDFA). The SDK uses IDFA under the guidelines laid out in the iOS developer program license agreement.

How much do AdMob pay per click?

CPC Ad Network Rates

Platform/Network Country Rates
Admob US High, especially on Android, rewarded video: $23
Admob US iOS rewarded video: $16
Admob India Android rewarded video: $0.84
Admob India iOS rewarded video: $1.18

Can you refresh AdSense ads?

The wording of some articles on the Google Ad Manager help pages often confuse publishers on this issue, but AdSense policy is quite clear: “Publishers are not permitted to refresh a page or an element of a page without the user requesting a refresh. “

What is native ads AdMob?

Native ads are ad assets that are presented to users via UI components that are native to the platform. They’re shown using the same types of views with which you’re already building your layouts, and can be formatted to match the visual design of the user experience in which they live.

How do I add Google ads to iOS app?

  1. Before you begin.
  2. Step 1: Set up your app in your AdMob account.
  3. Step 2: Add your AdMob App ID to your Info.plist file.
  4. Step 3: Add and initialize the Mobile Ads SDK.
  5. Step 4: View user metrics and analytics data.
  6. Step 5: (Optional) Use more features of Google Analytics and Firebase.

How do I activate my AdMob account?

Go to

  1. Click Sign up with your Google Account to sign up for AdMob with the Google Account associated with your existing AdSense account.
  2. Review the AdSense account information that was automatically imported into AdMob.
  3. Complete the account information to create your new Google Ads account:

How to monetize an iOS app with AdMob?

This guide is for publishers who want to monetize an iOS app with AdMob and aren’t using Firebase. If you plan to include Firebase in your app (or you’re considering it), see the AdMob with Firebase version of this guide instead. Integrating the Google Mobile Ads SDK into an app is the first step toward displaying ads and earning revenue.

Where do I Find my AdMob app ID?

In your app’s Info.plist file, add a GADApplicationIdentifier key with a string value of your AdMob app ID. You can find your App ID in the AdMob UI.

How to test native ads in iOS app?

The easiest way to load test ads is to use our dedicated test ad unit ID for all native advanced ads on iOS: It’s been specially configured to return test ads for every request, and you’re free to use it in your own apps while coding, testing, and debugging. Just make sure you replace it with your own ad unit ID before publishing your app.

Is there a Google Mobile Ads SDK for iOS?

Google Mobile Ads SDK for iOS The Google Mobile Ads SDK is the latest generation in Google mobile advertising, featuring refined ad formats and streamlined APIs for access to mobile ad networks and advertising solutions. The SDK enables mobile app developers to maximize their monetization in native mobile apps.