Do you need a tune after installing front mount intercooler?

Registered. yes, a fmic will change your MAF scaling and your a/f ratio’s. It definitely needs to be tuned.

Do I need a tune for STI intercooler?

You don’t NEED a custom tune for the STi TMIC. Your car will be able to adjust for the air density just do an ECU reset.

Is the STI intercooler better?

The OEM intercooler on the STI is better than the one on the WRX, however, it still has plenty of room for improvement. Once you start to turn up the boost with tuning and other performance parts, the OEM TMIC quickly becomes a bottleneck.

Can you pass smog with a front mount intercooler?

This has been covered before, and yes you pass smog with a FMIC with no problems.

Can you run intercooler without a tune?

No tune is needed for a mishi ic. You wont see the full benefits without a tune, but you absolutely can put the mishi on with stock tune. The airflow will not increase either. If anything you will see a slight drop in boost with the bigger ic.

Does an upgraded intercooler give more power?

The result is increased power output. So, the answer to the question is yes! An intercooler does help to increase horsepower. Adding an intercooler to an aspirated engine setup won’t make much difference to the engine’s output.

Can I run an intercooler without a tune?

Are front mount intercoolers better than top mount?

From an airflow efficiency standpoint, a top mount intercooler will be more efficient than a front mount given the shorter path from the turbo to intake. Also consider the use of mandrel bends on a front mount intercooler kit, which is much better for flow than the restrictive factory piping.

Are front mount intercoolers illegal in California?

Most FMIC are not carb legal and anything that isnt carb legal you can not have in california. Greddy does sell a lot of carb legal products but not for every car.

Are intercoolers legal?

It turns out that the HKS intercooler hard pipes are illegal. Any modification before the CAT that gives a performance increase requires a CARB exemption. Without a CARB exemption, such modification is illegal.