Are Captain James and Molly still together?

After the pilot was a hit with viewers the show was extended for a full series and followed Molly’s first deployment to Afghanistan as part of 2-Section. In fact, it was revealed after Molly’s departure that she and Captain James got married off-screen.

What happened to Captain James and Molly in Our Girl?

James had been a major part of the cast since season one and ended up marrying former medic Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner). However, their marriage was strained when the captain continued his role in the army and he ended up briefly straying from his wife with Georgie.

Is Captain James married to Molly?

The two wed, later revealed in season two. In season three they were going through a crisis and James spent a night with Georgie. Despite this, it was revealed that he finally got the help he needed to deal with his PTSD and reunited with Molly and that the two have rekindled their marriage.

Who played Molly Our Girl?

Lacey TurnerOur Girl
Molly Dawes/Played by

Is Molly coming back to Our Girl?

Although viewers thought another star would be cast as the new lead in the show – like Keegan was when she joined in 2016, taking over from Lacey Turner’s portrayal of Private Molly Dawes – it has recently been announced that Our Girl will not be returning for a fifth series.

What happens to Smurf in Our Girl?

During a trip to West Ham’s ground, Smurf suddenly dropped to the floor. While he was rushed to hospital, it emerged Smurf had suffered a bleed on the brain and was dead.

Why did Ben Aldridge quit our girl?

Ben hasn’t officially quit the show – he just wasn’t able to film the current series because he had already committed to other projects. However, one person who won’t be returning in Michelle Keegan. The actress confirmed at the start of the year that this series would be Georgie’s last.

Why did fingers leave our girl?

While Ward has not explicitly stated why he has left the role behind, it seems like it was a decision from a storytelling point-of-view. This was evident in his leaving interview with Digital Spy, where he revealed how he found out about Fingers’ death.

Why did Ben Aldridge leave Our Girl?

When did Molly leave Our Girl?

Series four of Our Girl kept viewers hooked during spring of this year. However, the final episode (which aired on 28 April) was Michelle Keegan’s last, as she announced earlier in the year that she would be leaving her role as main protagonist, Georgie Lane.

Why did Michelle leave Our Girl?

Why has Michelle Keegan quit Our Girl? The former Coronation Street star has decided to leave the show to spend more time in the UK with her husband Mark Wright. Michelle’s decision comes as her husband Mark also decided to move back home to the UK after spending time in the States working on US television show Extra.

Why did Michelle Keegan quit Our Girl?

Michelle Keegan has quit the BBC drama Our Girl after four series, in order to “spend more time at home”. The actor has played Lance Corporal Georgie Lane since 2016, having replaced former star Lacey Turner.

What happens to Molly and Captain James in Our Girl?

In fact, it was revealed after Molly’s departure that she and Captain James got married off-screen. However, this season, he has confessed to Georgie that he now has feelings for her, which suggests his marriage could be over. This means the show has kept the possibility of her return alive.

Who is Charles James in Our Girl series?

Charles James is an inspiration to 2 Section, and their charismatic leader, Captain James is a brilliant officer and an army man to the core. He is the husband of Molly Dawes who served alongside him in series 1.

Who was Molly Dawes married to in Our Girl?

Turner played Private Molly Dawes during the first series, back in 2014, and although she left the show after that, her character did end up marrying Captain Charles James (Ben Aldridge).

What was the name of Molly’s ex in Smurf?

Being Our Girl, her first tour wasn’t without a bit of romantic intrigue, as her ex, Smurf, resurfaced. But before long it was Captain James who was catching Molly’s eye despite an initial frostiness between the pair. As the season progressed, so too did the tension between James and Molly.