Why did Taehyun left?

On his 32nd broadcast, on April 9, 2018, Nam announced that he would be doing his last broadcast on May 7, in order to focus more on his music.

Is Nam Taehyun Thai?

Taehyun Facts: — Born in Hanam, South Korea. — He speaks Japanese. — He has a younger brother Nam Dong-hyun who was a member of his band and now is active as a soloist under the stage name BOYHOOD.

What band is Taehyun from?

WINNER2013 – 2016
South ClubSouth ClubSince 2017
Nam Tae-hyun/Music groups

Did Nam Tae Hyun leave WINNER?

Nam Tae-hyun, a former member of K-pop boy band WINNER, has apologized to fans for his social media outburst this week. The singer went live on Instagram Monday and made a tearful confession that he’s sorry to have left WINNER. He also revealed he is taking medicine because he feels scared.

What is WINNER’s fandom name?

Our official fandom name is inner circle.

What is Beomgyu real name?

Choi Beom-gyu
Beomgyu/Full name

With his full name being Choi Beomgyu and his English name being Ben Choi, Beomgyu is a vocalist, dancer, rapper, and visual for this K-pop group. He can play the guitar, and he is an ARMY, (or fan of BTS). Full name Kang Taehyun, Taehyun is a singer, dancer, and rapper for TXT.

What happened to WINNER YG?

Two years after he debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014, Nam Tae Hyun left the group and his agency YG Entertainment in November 2016. The following year, he formed his own band, South Club, which released its first EP “90” in June 2017.

Who is Nam Taehyun’s younger brother Nam Donghyun?

Nam Donghyun, who was born in 1999, made headlines when it was revealed he was former WINNER member Nam Taehyun’s younger brother. He was also a member of South Club with Nam Taehyun and had released a few songs called “Blue Purple” and “Mad Kid” during his time with the group.

What’s the name of Nam Taehyun’s new album?

Nam Donghyun has recently finished shooting his album jacket and other photo shoots, and the agency notes that he is putting all his effort to show the best sides of him for his album release. The album will showcased Nam Donghyun’s musical talent, as he has written, composed, and produced the title track, “Retro Love,” himself.

Who are the members of T-ara N4?

In early April 2013, it was announced that T-ara would be forming a sub-unit with members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum called T-ara N4. This is a shortened form of ‘T-ara Brand New 4’, signifying the transformation of the four members.

When did Soyeon and Qri join T ara?

Soyeon, a former trainee of SM Entertainment who was supposed to be the leader of Girls’ Generation, and Qri were added to T-ara three weeks prior to debut. In early July 2009, the group was moved from Mnet Media to its subsidiary company Core Contents Media.