Why did Cecil Field close?

Naval Air Station Cecil Field was identified for closure, and enacted, by the 1993 federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC). There have been efforts to see the base returned as a Naval Air Station (NAS), but these have failed due to political and economic forces.

When did Cecil Field close?

September 30, 1999
In July 1993, the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission recommended the closure of NAS Cecil Field and on September 30, 1999 the Base was officially closed.

How long is the Runway at Cecil Field?

12,503 x 200 ft.
Cecil Airport covers an area of 6,082 acres (24.61 km²) and contains four runways: Runway 18L/36R: 12,503 x 200 ft. (3,811 x 61 m), Surface: Asphalt/Concrete.

What county is Cecil Field in?

Duval County
The Naval Air Station (NAS) Cecil Field site is located in northeastern Florida. It is mainly located in Duval County and its southernmost part is in Clay County.

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What kind of airport is Cecil in Jacksonville?

Cecil Airport is unique with its long runways, no landing fees, low pattern and ground traffic and easy access to downtown Jacksonville. The airfield, decommissioned as a Naval Air Station in 1999, is rapidly growing as a commercial airport used for general aviation and military flight operations.

Where is Cecil Pines senior living in Jacksonville?

Cecil Pines is an active adult senior living community located at 6009 Lake Cove, Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32221. Cecil Pines is a gated 53-acre active adult senior living community in Jacksonville, Florida with the warm and peaceful atmosphere of a small-town neighborhood.

Who are the donors for Cecil pines in Jacksonville?

Philanthropic support for Cecil Pines comes from the California Lutheran Homes Foundation, a Front Porch partner with a long tradition of service and philanthropy. Your gift through the California Lutheran Homes Foundation could greatly impact the lives of residents at Cecil Pines.

What kind of homes are at Cecil Pines?

Our in-person tours follow all local health and safety protocols. Cecil Pines residences are all one-story single-family or duplex homes. We are a gated access community unique from other retirement communities in Jacksonville in that all of our residences are spacious homes, not apartments, each with its own carport, patio and yard.