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Who is Nai in Karneval?

Nai (无, Nai?) is one of the main characters of Karneval. He is one of the first characters to appear in the story and meets Gareki during one of his thefts, causing the two to start their journey together.

What happened to Karoku in Karneval?

The figure greeting them inside this “garden” appeared to be Karoku, but when Nai went to hug him, Gareki realized there was another Karoku lying unconsciously on the ground. Gareki warned Nai to get away from the Karoku he was hugging….Karoku Arumerita.

Arumerita Karoku
Rōmaji Arumerita Karoku
Race Human
Gender Man

Is Gareki related to Hirato?

Hirato (平門, Hirato?) is the Second Ship’s Captain. Upon taking Gareki and Nai on board his ship, he entrusts them to Yogi and Tsukumo….

Status Alive
Relatives Tokitatsu (brother) Gareki (Ward)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Is Tsukumo dead in Karneval?

Tsukumo (ツクモ, Tsukumo?) is Circus Second Ship’s Fighter and Hirato’s subordinate….

Occupation Acrobatic Performer Second Ship’s Fighter
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Father Mother Older brother (deceased) Younger brother

Does Karoku love Nai?

Nai. Karoku is fond of Nai, calling him his “special child,” and wants him to join his side so they can be together.

Are Karoku and Gareki related?

Appearance. He is identical to Karoku Arumerita with exception of a scar on his cheek that he received when Gareki shot him in self-defense. He’s also recognizable for the bloodied bandages he wears around his head and torso.