Where was the 1974 Brisbane flood?

Ipswich, Queensland
1974 Brisbane flood/Locations

How many people died in the 1974 Brisbane floods?

1974 Brisbane flood/Total number of deaths

When was the last big flood in Brisbane?

Since European settlement there have been major floods in the following years: January 1841, March 1890, February 1893, February 1931, January 1974 and most currently January 2011 (view this timeline of the Brisbane River).

What caused the 1974 Brisbane floods?

Four decades on, take a look back at photos of the devastating floods that swamped Brisbane on the Australia Day weekend in 1974. The flooding came after near-record rainfall over the wet summer, which was topped off by torrential falls from January 23, caused by Tropical Cyclone Wanda.

How many people died in 1974 floods?

1974 Brisbane flood/Total number of deaths

In total, there were 16 fatalities, 300 people injured, 8000 homes destroyed and an estimated A$980 million in damages.

What areas are flooded in Brisbane?

Some of Brisbane’s most flood-prone suburbs, including Coorparoo. Homes in Coorparoo, Newstead, Clayfield, Camp Hill, Paddington, West End, Taringa and Indooroopilly were among the worst affected. The maps, which have never been released in Brisbane, show how flooding affects every street in the city.

What suburbs in Brisbane were affected by the floods?

Flood Affected Suburbs in Brisbane

Acacia Ridge Fairfield Middle Park
Chelmer Jindalee Pinjarra Hills
Coopers Plains Kangaroo Point Pinkenba
Coorpooroo Karana Downs Pullenvale
Corinda Kelvin Grove Riverhills

What was the worst flood in Brisbane?

The 1893 Brisbane flood, occasionally referred to as the Great Flood of 1893 or the Black February flood, occurred in 1893 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The Brisbane River burst its banks on three occasions in February 1893.

Could Brisbane flood again?

A decade ago, as Brisbane’s record floods receded, many residents were left shocked and awed that such a devastating inundation could happen to a modern city. But while there is no denying Queensland’s rainfall events of late 2010 and early 2011 were exceptional, Brisbane had flooded before — and it will flood again.

What month was the 74 floods?

1974 Brisbane flood

Victoria Bridge during flood
Date 24 January – 31 January 1974
Location Ipswich, Brisbane
Deaths 16
Property damage A$980 million

How do you know if a house has been flooded?

A home inspector can look at potential water damage by looking for stains near the baseboards or ceiling. This will be the most concrete way of determining whether or not the home has flooded in the past. This reports past flood claims filed by the owner, but NOT flood damage at the property when no claim was filed.

Is Brisbane safe from floods?

Brisbane sits on a flood plain which means flooding is possible. Brisbane City Council works to manage and reduce the risks of flooding to ensure our city remains safe and liveable. Find information on the likelihood and sources of flooding for your property and local area with our Flood Awareness Maps.

When did the Brisbane River flood in 1974?

FLOOD MAP BRISBANE & SUBURBS Delineating the extent of thc January, 1974. Brisbane River Flood and those areas subject to probable inundation for various flood heights on the Port Office Gauge. as indicated on the Bureau of Industry ‘933 Flood Map.

Where are the flood risk areas in Brisbane?

Brisbane River Flood and those areas subject to probable inundation for various flood heights on the Port Office Gauge. as indicated on the Bureau of Industry ‘933 Flood Map. SCALE : CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED the Of the 29th. the been obtained from of Map ‘n be inundated b’

How did the Charleville Flo flood affect Brisbane?

The flooded areas shown are based upon the original surface levels of the ground as shown by the contour survey of Brisbane and in places may be affected by subsequent excavation or filling. Hotel Corones during the Charleville flo…

What was the name of the dam that was built in Brisbane in 1974?

Floodwaters rush over the edge of Enoggera Dam, west of Brisbane. The 1974 floods prompted the construction of a new dam at Wivenhoe, the centrepiece of flood-mitigation infrastructure in south-east Queensland. ( In suburbs like Breakfast Creek, boats came in handy when the river burst its banks.