Where is Gulshan Devaiah from?

Bengaluru, India
Gulshan Devaiah/Place of birth

How old is Gulshan Devaiah?

43 years (May 28, 1978)
Gulshan Devaiah/Age

Is Gulshan Devaiah married?

Kalliroi Tziafetam. 2012
Gulshan Devaiah/Spouse

Who is the father of Gulshan Devaiah?

Sri Devaiah
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Devaiah was born on 28 May 1978 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and is a NIFT graduate. He is the son of Sri Devaiah and Pushpalata who were employed by Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Who was the villain in Footfairy movie?

Gulshan Devaiah
Vivaan Deshmukh (Gulshan Devaiah) is the Sherlock Holmes of the CBI, and like Holmes, he is in pursuit of his Moriarty. This master criminal is known as Footfairy, a name earned by chopping off his victims’ feet.

Is Gulshan Devaiah a coorgi?

Kambeyanda Gulshan Devaiah a kodava actor was born on 28 May 1978 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and graduated from NIFT. He is married to actor Kallirroi Tziafeta, from Greece….Films.

Year Films Language
2011 Shaitan Hindi
2012 Hate Story Hindi
2012 Peddlers Hindi
2013 Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela Hindi

Who is the wife of Gulshan Devaiah?

Gulshan Devaiah/Wife

What does foot fairy mean?

According to the Dictionary Words You Should Never Google, a.k.a. the Urban Dictionary, a foot fairy is “a person who plays soccer thinking it’s tougher than football.” One gentleman who calls himself “Annoyed Football Beast” added, “They have a wide misconception that all of us are just barbarians who run into each …

Is foot fairy a horror movie?

Footfairy movie review: The Gulshan Devaiah film aims to be a captivating thriller about a psychotic murderer who takes away the feet of his victims as mementos. The psychological thriller follows the murder trail of a monster, who suffocates young girls and chops off their beautiful feet to take away as his mementos.

Who is the killer in Footfairy?

As the title of the &Pictures film suggests, the serial killer in this film is referred to as ‘Footfairy’. The aforementioned title is given to the murderer because of his obsession with chopping off the victim’s legs and taking them away with him.

Who is the villain in the movie foot fairy?

It revolves around the life of Vivaan Deshmukh (Gulshan Devaiah), who is shown to be the Sherlock Holmes of CBI, as he embarks on a journey to knock down a psycho killer. As the title of the &Pictures film suggests, the serial killer in this film is referred to as ‘Footfairy’.

Where can we watch Footfairy?

It has an IMDB rating of 6.9 and is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.