Where is Cartwright School District in Arizona?

Our goal is to prepare our students for the future. Our district office is located at 5220 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona.

What school district is 85033?

COVID-19: Visit the Arizona Department of Education COVID-19 resource page for information relevant to Arizona schools. We found 19 schools….West-MEC Western School Science Technology.

School Name Heatherbrae School
Type Public
Grades K-6
District Cartwright Elementary District (4282)
Students/Teachers Enrollment 730

How many schools are in Phoenix?

325 public schools
Phoenix is home to 325 public schools in 30 school districts along with more than 200 charter and private schools.

How many schools are in the Phoenix Elementary School District?

Strengthening Our Schools & Neighborhoods Together Our 14 schools offer a preschool through 8th grade education in the heart of Phoenix.

Does Phoenix have good public schools?

For the 2021 school year, there are 458 public schools serving 253,537 students in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Arizona. Schools in Phoenix have an average ranking of 6/10, which is in the top 50% of Arizona public schools.

What are the best school districts in Phoenix Arizona?

Best School Districts in Phoenix

  • Chandler Unified School District.
  • Scottsdale Unified School District.
  • Gilbert Public Schools.
  • Peoria Unified School District.
  • Tempe Union High School District.
  • Deer Valley Unified School District.
  • Fountain Hills Unified School District.
  • Glendale Union High School District.

What are the oldest high schools in Arizona?

Tucson High is the oldest operating public high school in Arizona.

What was the first public school in Arizona?

Phoenix Elementary School District #1 was created May 5, 1871, the first free public school district in Arizona.

What city in Arizona has the best schools?

Top School Districts in Arizona, 2020

Rank School District City
1 Catalina Foothills Unified District (4410) Tucson
2 Queen Creek Unified District (4245) Queen Creek
3 Sierra Vista Unified District (4175) Sierra Vista
4 Lake Havasu Unified District (4368) Lake Havasu City

What is the biggest high school in Arizona?

Hamilton High School
Hamilton High School is a public high school in Chandler, Arizona, United States. It is Arizona’s largest high school and 64th largest in the nation, with more than 4,100 students.

What is the oldest school in Arizona?

The school is located adjacent to the University of Arizona and is close to the Downtown Arts District. It is the oldest high school in Arizona, having been established in 1892 and then re-established in 1906….

Tucson High Magnet School
Yearbook The Tucsonian
Website edweb.tusd1.org/thms/