When did the old new thing come out?

Mostly focuses on the Windows 95 and 3.1 era with a little 2000 and XP thrown in. Basically, this is the book form of Chen’s blog “The Old New Thing” with more stories and more details. One thing that is kind of annoying is the downloadable bonus chapters. The author gives a link to download bonus chapters in the preface.

Is the old New Thing a good book?

As a long-time reader of Raymond Chen’s blog, The Old New Thing, I was quite excited to see that he had put out a book. After reading it, I’m pleased to say that Chen’s acerbic style shines through in this book as well. This book is an excellent tour through the history of Windows development.

What’s the difference between the old and the new?

Explaining the how’s, why’s, and differences between the old way of doing things and the new (or new new) way of doing things can be tricky, because it assumes you have some understanding of how the old (or old old) way of doing things works.

Is the new New Thing by Michael Lewis a good book?

I have read three Michael Lewis books, Liar’s Poker, Flash Boys and The New New Thing so I obviously like Michael Lewis. The general theme of these three books is the greed and corruption of our financial system. One reviewer felt that Jim Clark was deified and no negative information was given but I disagree with that assessment.

Who are the hosts of the old New Thing?

Rob and Jason are joined by Raymond Chen from Microsoft. They first talk about Herb Sutter’s virtual ISO Plenary Trip Report and some new features voted into the C++23 draft. Then they talk to Raymond Chen from Microsoft about his career working on Windows and the Old New Thing blog.

Who is Raymond from the old New Thing?

Raymond can be found on GitHub as @oldnewthing, and his necktie’s Twitter account is @ChenCravat. Raymond has been involved in the evolution of Windows for more than 25 years.