What is the biller alias?

Reference: This reference number is a unique customer number assigned to you or your bill by your BPAY biller. It can be found in the payment section of your bill where the Biller Code is displayed. Biller nickname: Create a biller nickname that will help you easily identify the biller for future payments.

What is the biller name?

The Biller Long Name is what your customer will see on internet banking when they make a payment. The Biller Short Name is what your customers will see on their statements showing that they have made a BPAY payment to you.

What is a biller in banking?

Billers are configured as the bank’s customers in the host system. The bank designates a single account to each such customer as the “collection” account. This account is used to post all payments made from various users. Billers are maintained in host system.

What is a biller code?

The biller code is a unique number required to process a BPAY® transaction and you can find it on your statement or on our website.

How do I find my biller code?

How do I find a Biller Code? On a bill, you can find it in the payment options section, usually on the back or second page of the bill.

What is the biller code?

Biller Codes are required to process BPay transaction and is used to identify the where the money is being sent. CRN (Customer Reference Number) are unique to you and are used to direct money to your bank account.

What is a biller account number?

Your account number provides the most important information that your biller uses to credit your payments properly. Enter all of the information we need to make your payments: the company’s name, address, phone number, and the account number.

How do I pay my credit card from another bank?

If paying from an account with another bank:

  1. Sign in to Online Banking, hover over the Bill Pay tab and select Manage accounts.
  2. Select the Other Pay From Accounts tab.
  3. Select Add a Pay From account you own at another institution and enter the requested information about your account with the other institution.

What is the difference between biller and payee?

What is the difference between a Payee and a Biller? Nothing. The two terms are used interchangeably to indicate someone to whom you make a payment, whether or not they actually send you a “bill” or invoice.

What is Biller method?

With the Biller method, you can also automate your SIPs. All mutual fund vendors allow this method. The Biller method is a simple and more popular instrument for SIP registration than the One-Time Mandate. All you need to have an internet banking facility.

Is the UOB recurring bill payment service free?

With Recurring Bill Payment, you can consolidate your monthly bills, charge them to your UOB Card, and make one easy payment. It is a free, automatic bill payment service offered to all UOB Cardmembers.

When do UOB customers get s$ 5 rebate?

The UOB Utility Marketplace has the largest network of electricity providers in one place. From 1 October to 31 December 2020, the first 4,000 customers to set up recurring bill payments with the following electricity providers will get a S$5 rebate ~. ~ Terms and Conditions apply.

When to use UOB card for SP utilities?

Enjoy more convenience and never miss another Singapore Power (SP) utilities payment when you set up recurring bill payments exclusively with UOB Cards via the SP Utilities app from 1 October 2020 onwards.

How to contact the webmaster at UOB co.th?

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