What is prolific company?

Prolific (www.prolific.co) is changing how research on the internet is done. We started by building a marketplace that connects researchers (from both Academia and industry) with instant, high quality, global research participants.

Is prolific available in India?

You can’t. India is not one of the countries that is currently approved to participate on Prolific.

What is prolific and MTurk?

Participants on Prolific are more honest, more responsive, and more naive compared to those on MTurk. MTurk has a “superworker” problem: the top 5% of participants took ~40% of all studies!

Is prolific available in Canada?

Things to Know About Prolific as a Canadian Prolific boasts of having over 70,000 participants worldwide but the biggest segments of their user base are in the UK and the USA and it’s likely that most studies are targeted at participants in those two countries.

How do I study prolific?

The best way to get more Prolific studies is to make sure you keep your profile up to date by regularly checking and completing any additional profile questions that appear. This will help match you to more available studies. You will not always be notified when there are studies available.

Is prolific a safe website?

Prolific is a legit survey site with some of the highest paying (and most interesting) surveys the game. However, there isn’t a huge quantity of paid studies available on the platform, so don’t expect to earn more than a few bucks a day.

How much money can you get from prolific?

Studies pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour. Easily cash out via your paypal account. The studies are interesting and you’re guaranteed payment if you do a survey, rather than being screened out partway through. I would even go as far as saying it is one of the top survey websites out there.

Is prolific safe to use?

Is Prolific Legit? Yes, Prolific is a legitimate site that connects researchers with participants to provide feedback on products and services. Currently Prolific has over 70,000 participants and more than 3,000 researchers.