What is a alliteration for cat?

This means that the words can have different starting letters, but the sounds are similar for the sentence to be alliterative. For example, “the cat ate my kit-kat” – here, cat and kat have different starting letters but make the same sound so the sentence is an alliteration.

What is an alliteration for J?

vail, vane, veils, veins, vey, thane, chains, changed, flames, sales, saved, skate, spades, stakes, stayed, wage, waves, ways, shades, makes, may, maze, names, brains, breaks, days, drake, games, gauge, plains, played, plays, rains, raised, trained, caged, paints, tails, takes, aidemore…

Is Best Buy an alliteration?

Alliteration can be very easy to remember, which is why a lot of companies and brands name themselves with alliteration. Below is a list of some very well known brands and companies that use alliteration to make them memorable: Dunkin’ Donuts. Best Buy.

Which is the best alliteration about a car?

Alliteration About A Car? Alliteration About A Car? Bob’s brother bought a beautiful Buick.

Which is the best example of alliteration in a sentence?

Examples of Alliteration Using the “C” and “K” Sounds 6. When the canary keeled over, the coal miners left the cave. 7. The captain couldn’t keep the men in the cabin. 8. Erin cooked cupcakes in the kitchen. 9. My Cadillac was completely crushed in a car crash. 10. The candy was killing my cavity. Examples of Alliteration Using the “Ch” Sound 11.

Which is the best example of alliteration in a tongue twister?

Here is a new fun tongue twister using alliteration: Happy hippos who hop happily have hippy hips (well, not a famous alphabet tongue twister, but I wanted to make one). I’ve created a few ABC tongue twister examples of alliteration using one line ABC:

Where can you find alliteration in a story?

You can find alliteration in the following lines from children’s stories: “Three grey geese in a green field grazing. Grey were the geese and green was the grazing.” – ” Three Grey Geese, ” Mother Goose