What happened to Sara Jones?

‘ Why many are upset director is working again. A photograph of Sarah Jones is placed at a 2014 memorial for the camera assistant at the International Cinematographers Guild in Hollywood. Jones, 27, was killed on the set of the film “Midnight Rider.”

Was Sarah Jones hit by a train?

Jones, 27, was fatally struck by a train that crashed into a crew filming a scene on a railway for the Gregg Allman biopic “Midnight Rider.” Several other crew members also were injured during filming of the scene on a historic trestle outside of Savannah.

What did Sarah Jones play in Vampire Diaries?

Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a camera assistant for The Vampire Diaries, until her tragic death on, February 20, 2014.

Was the movie Midnight Rider released?

Midnight Rider/Initial release

Is Sarah Jones pregnant?

Harry Styles’ drummer Sarah Jones is pregnant with guitarist boyfriend Mitch Rowland. As Harry Styles performed at the Grammys on Sunday night he was joined by his besties and band members including Sarah Jones and Mitch Rowland.

How did Sarah Jones get hit by a train?

Train accident The producers had assured the cast and crew that it was safe to film there. Fragments struck camera assistant Sarah Jones and propelled her toward the still fast moving train, resulting in her death. William Hurt got off the trestle before the train hit the hospital bed.

How Sarah Jones Vampire Diaries died?

Q&A: Parents of ‘Midnight Rider’ crew member killed by train decry ‘safety bubble’ mentality on sets. Camera assistant Sarah Jones, at work on “The Vampire Diaries,” was killed on a movie set in 2014. Jones, 27, was killed when a train crashed into the crew that was filming a scene on a railroad trestle near Savannah.

Did Duane Allman play on Midnight Rider?

He later found Allman Brothers drummer Jaimoe and had him perform congas on the demo. In the final studio recording, Duane Allman plays acoustic guitar, as he had enough studio experience to produce a nice acoustic sound.

Who covered Midnight Rider?


Title Performer Release date
Midnight Rider The Allman Brothers Band September 23, 1970
Midnight Rider The Golden Cups October 5, 1971
Midnight Rider Juicy Lucy 1971
Midnight Rider Buddy Miles 1971

Who dies Sarah Jones?

Sarah Jones was killed during a horrific accident on the set of Midnight Rider at age 27. Ever since, her parents have been working behind the scenes to create a stronger culture of safety on sets. “She had her sights set high,” says Sarah’s father, Richard Jones.