What happened to Jeff Campitelli?

Drummer and percussionist Jeff Campitelli was bitten by the drum bug very early in life.

Who is the drummer for Joe Satriani?

Jeff Campitelli
Jeff Campitelli (born 29 December 1960) is a drummer who has worked with Joe Satriani on many of his albums as well as live performances. Before Satriani’s breakthrough in instrumental music he played with Joe Satriani in a band called The Squares.

Who played drums on satch boogie?

I did a demo on my Tascam four-track cassette recorder, and I came up with a drum pattern on my Oberheim DX drum machine. Then Jeff Campitelli came over to put real drums on, and Bongo Bob Smith added percussion.

Does Joe Satriani play drums?

Just take a look at some of the players that have graced his drum throne – Chad Smith and Vinnie Colaiuta for starters. As Satriani prepares to release his latest solo record, Shockwave Supernova, we chatted with him about the A-list drummers that he has played with down the years.

Who is Joe Satriani’s wife?

Rubina Satrianim. 1981
Joe Satriani/Wife

What is Joe Satriani doing now?

I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful city and I enjoy being home. When I’m not on tour around the world, I’m at home writing and recording music. So, I’m forced into doing that right now. I was supposed to be out touring the world, but now I’m back to the home life.

Why Satriani is called Satch?

In our interview with Satriani, he explained how it led to this song: “I couldn’t really do much, so I just stayed home for a week, and as I sat with my guitar, I couldn’t look down at my guitar because of the neck brace. “Satch” is Satriani’s nickname.

Is Joe Satriani sick?

Legendary guitarist Joe Satriani is continuing his recovery from a recent bout with pneumonia which has forced the cancellation of several West Coast dates late last month.

Is Joe Satriani rich?

Joe Satriani net worth: Joe Satriani is an American guitar player who has a net worth of $12 million. Joe Satriani built his net worth as a musician, guitar instructor, songwriter and producer. Joseph Satriani was born in Westbury, New York in July 1956.