What girl name means all knowing?

Cato. For both boys and girls, this regal-sounding Latin name means “all-knowing” or “knowledgeable and wise.” A character in Shakespear’s Julius Cesar, more recently, it’s been rising in popularity following The Hunger Games. For girls, it’s a Dutch alternative to Catherine.

What does the name Camille mean she knows?

Origin:French. Popularity:565. Meaning:helper to the priest.

What name means gift from God girl?

Names for Girls

Name Meaning
Harnoor God’s gift
Inaya A girl from God
Isha A gift of purity
Ivani Gift from God

Is Camille a unisex name?

Camille is a male and female given name.

What are nicknames for Camille?


  • Nicknames: Cam, Cami, Milly, Millie.
  • Famous people named Camille: Canadian dancer and beauty queen Camille Munro; actresses Camille Guaty, Camille Winbush, and Camille de Pazzis; reality TV personality Camille Grammer; professional tennis player Camille Pin.
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What are the smartest girl names?

Top 10 smartest girls names:

  • Eve.
  • Amelia.
  • Felicity.
  • Clare.
  • Priya.
  • Zhara.
  • Joanna.
  • Sarah.

What’s the best name for a baby that means thank you?

A gorgeous name that sets up your child for a peaceful life full of thanks is a total win, win. Asante: African baby name meaning “thank you”. Asher: Hebrew baby name meaning “happiness”. Benedict: Latin name meaning “blessed”. Boone: French name meaning “a blessing”. Donatello: Latin baby name meaning “gift from God”.

What are some baby names that have meaning?

Baby Names With Great Meanings. 1 Abigail. Shutterstock. 2 Ellie. Shutterstock. 3 Asa. Shutterstock. 4 Boone. Shutterstock. 5 Miles. Instagram.

How to choose the best name for Your Baby?

Take some time to look through our list, search by origin, or meaning, or most popular by decade, or highest rated. Enjoy, and congratulations! At this point maybe you are just starting out making a list of name possibilities, or maybe you are sitting there with a days-old, nameless babe in your arms, still stumped.

Where can I find a unique Boy name?

You can also hunt for a unique boy’s name on our Baby Name Generator, where you can search by the origin of the name, the first letter, and theme. Want a name that comes with some old-fashioned charm? Take a look at these more unusual baby boy names with a vintage theme. Adan.