What does Alfonsino taste like?

Alfonsino have a very sweet, rich flavor, with the flesh being super high in minerals, nutrients and Omega-3 oils. The fillets are short and deep, tapering sharply and have a light pink color, with a firm texture and medium flake.

What is kinmedai sushi?

It is known as kinmedai (金目鯛) or “golden eye snapper” in sushi and Japanese cuisine. Served at traditional Edomae sushi restaurants, this fish is usually aged for 2 to 3 days after being dispatched using the ikejime technique.

Where to find splendid alfonsino?

Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino | How to find Splendid Alfonsino. Head to Carzacor Harbor and drop a line there.

Is Kinmedai expensive?

Due to its high oil content, the fish has fantastic umami similar to tuna, but with a slightly chewier texture that is satisfying to bite into. However, kinmedai is expensive, and is not as common to see served as sushi or sashimi.

Are Alfonsino good eating?

Alfonsino is bright red, with a silvery-pink belly a red iris and a deeply forked tail. It has a high oil content and firm white flesh. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes including fish cakes and croquettes. They are ideally suited to baking, shallow frying and grilling.

What is aji nigiri?

Raw as nigiri. Shima-aji, or Japanese “striped jack,” is a common point of confusion for many sushi eaters. The shima means “striped” and aji is Japanese “horse mackerel,” or “jack.” But shima-aji and aji make two very different types of sushi.

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What type of fish is Kinmedai?

sea bream
‘Kinme’ (金目) means ‘golden eye’ in Japanese, and ‘dai’ (鯛)is the Japanese word for ‘sea bream’ (although kinmedai are actually unrelated to sea bream). In English, the fish are called ‘splendid alfonsino. ‘ Kinmedai are deep water fish, typically residing between 400 and 600 meters below the surface.

What is Aji fish in English?

Aji is found widely in the seas around Japan. Although it is caught throughout the year, the fish is popular as a sushi topping for summer, when we can savor its good amount of fat. In English, aji is usually called horse mackerel or Jack mackerel.

Why is it called horse mackerel?

The common name, horse mackerel, comes from the old Dutch word Horsmakreel. This means a mackerel that spawns on a ‘hors’, which is a shallow area in the sea or a bank. The English took the name and called the fish horse mackerel. Even in Norway they are called heste makrel (heste is horse in norwegian).

When was the first description of the alfonsino?

The first scientific description of the alfonsino was authored in 1829 by Georges Cuvier in the third volume of his 22-volume ichthyology collection, Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, who gave it the name Beryx dodecadactylus. It was renamed B. decadactylus by ichthyologist G. E. Maul in 1990.

Why is the alfonsino fish so uncommon in the wild?

Despite being widespread throughout its range, the alfonsino is an uncommon fish in many areas, likely due to exploitation by commercial fisheries and depletion due to bycatch.

What kind of eyes does an alfonsino have?

It is possible that Beryx originally described a species of parrotfish, or did not describe a fish at all. The alfonsino has large eyes and a deep, compressed body, 1.9–2.5 times its standard length at the greatest depth. It is a rose red color dorsally and orange ventrally.

What kind of habitat does an alfonsino live in?

The splendid alfonsino is the far more studied species of Beryx, but the alfonsino’s biology is very similar to that of its congener. Alfonsinos are benthopelagic and aggregate over deep-ocean seamounts, typically near deep-sea corals. At night, they migrate vertically into shallower waters.