What do you need to know about the muster roll?

Generally a muster roll contains names of officers and enlisted men, name of station, rank, date of enlistment or reenlistment, date of desertion and apprehension, and sentence of court-martial, including the offense upon which found guilty. This series is entry 101 in “Inventory of the Records of the United States Marine Corps” (I-2). More

Where are the muster rolls and pay lists found?

Muster rolls and pay lists contain soldiers’: From 1868 to 1883 there may be quarterly lists which contain details of ‘men becoming non-effective’. They are found at the end of each quarter (or the beginning for regiments stationed in India). They provide a soldier’s:

What are the dates on the navy muster rolls?

Pre-1860 muster rolls usually only provide the sailor’s name, vessel or station, and service dates. Navy muster rolls at Archives 1 are divided between two record groups, depending on the year.

Where can I find German and Swiss muster rolls?

The musters, service records and attestation papers of the German and Swiss Legions are in WO 15, searchable by regiment in our catalogue. Those of the Italian Legion no longer survive. See Mercenaries for the Crimea by C C Bayley (London, 1977).

What are the muster rolls of the US Navy?

U.S. Navy muster rolls are quarterly lists of enlisted naval personnel who were formally attached to a naval vessel or station. Because the Navy did not create and maintain official service records for enlisted men until 1885, muster rolls are among the primary records documenting enlisted naval personnel during the nineteenth century.

How are the muster rolls of World War 1 arranged?

Adjutant and Inspector’s Department. 1834-9/18/1947 (Most Recent) Arranged chronologically by month and thereunder by detachment or other unit, except for the period of World War I when they are arranged in two subseries: (1) posts and stations and (2) mobile units.