Is sprouts selling Thanksgiving dinner?

Yes! Sprouts has a variety of holiday meals available. At my local store in Mission Viejo, California, I was able to choose between Natural Turkey, Spiral Sliced Ham, Boneless Turkey Breast and USDA Choice Boneless Rib Roast. Or you may want to order one meal for Thanksgiving and a different one for Christmas.

What is on sprouts Thanksgiving dinner?

Centerpiece Meats Natural Turkey or No Antibiotics Ever Turkey (No added solutions, brine, varieties vary by market) Organic Air-chilled or Organic Free-range Turkey​ (Fed vegetarian, organic diet, varieties vary by market) Grass-fed Rib Roasts. Presidential Cut Rib Roast.

How much is turkey dinner at Sprouts?

For the same price of $69.99, Sprouts offers a turkey meal for six to eight people. Enjoy an 11-to-13 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed kale and spinach, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a dozen dinner rolls.

Can I order a turkey from sprouts?

“Sprouts’ better-for-you products provide an affordable, one-stop shop for busy families and all of their holiday needs.” Shoppers looking to save time can reserve a fresh, never frozen organic or natural turkey, or one of four fully prepared holiday meals in store or online.

Does sprouts sell whole turkey?

Ready to reserve? Head over to our Thanksgiving page and reserve your always fresh, never frozen organic turkey today!

Are sprouts turkeys gluten free?

Are Sprouts’ turkeys gluten-free? While turkeys are inherently gluten-free, our turkeys are not certified gluten-free as we cannot guarantee there has not been cross-contamination.

How much are sprouts holiday meals?

Priced at $35.99 to $79.99, the grocer’s ready-to-heat and -serve prepared meals include traditional trimmings and seasonal sides, with main courses such as Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast for two, or party-sized portions for six to eight of a Natural Whole Turkey, USDA Choice Boneless Rib Roast or Spiral-sliced Ham.

Does sprouts sell stuffing?

Stuffing at Sprouts Farmers Market – Instacart.

Does sprouts have premade food?

We’re in your corner with convenient, freshly prepared meal solutions made with quality ingredients. We offer an assortment of warm soups, fresh salads, protein-packed snack boxes, and tasty sandwiches, ciabattas and wraps—all ready to enjoy!

Are sprouts turkeys frozen?

Sprouts turkeys are sold fresh, never frozen. Fresh turkeys are highly perishable so they may have some ice in the cavity.

Are Sprouts turkeys frozen?

Are Sprouts turkeys organic?

Sprouts FRESH (never frozen) Thanksgiving turkeys are all natural. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no hormones and no additives.

What to make with Sprouts for Thanksgiving 2019?

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinners 2019 1 Pre-Cooked Whole Turkey 2 Mashed Potatoes 3 Stuffing 4 Creamed Kale and Spinach 5 Gravy 6 Cranberry Sauce 7 Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

When to reserve Turkey at Sprouts Farmers Market?

PHOENIX – Nov. 2, 2020 – Sprouts Farmers Market is celebrating the goodness of the holidays this year with fresh, healthy and convenient selections across the store and online. Today through November 23, shoppers can reserve turkeys and holiday meats, prepared meals and party trays online at

How much does a sprouts turkey breast cost?

Sprouts Turkey Breast Thanksgiving Meal, serves 2 people, $35.99. Includes: Sprouts Turkey Thanksgiving Meal, serves 6-8 people, $69.99. Includes: Sprouts Ham Thanksgiving Meal, serves 6-8 people, $69.99.

What kind of turkeys are raised at sprouts?

“Shoppers are particularly interested in the quality of the meats they’re preparing for their families this year,” said Sprouts Chief Fresh Merchandising Officer Scott Neal. “Sprouts’ natural turkeys are raised with no antibiotics ever, and Sprouts’ organic turkeys are free-range and fed a certified-organic diet on family-run farms.”