Is Koga The son of Seiya?

Kouga is Saori and Seiya’s biological son.

Is Eagle Marin Seiya’s sister?

Seiya is the eponymous main character of the Saint Seiya series. He is one of the eighty-eight Saints of Athena and serves loyally at her side. Due to her physical similarities to Seika, Seiya suspects that Marin may be his sister, but he later discovers he is wrong and finds his real sister.

Who does Seiya end up with in cautious hero?

When saving Elulu from sacrificing herself to become a sword, Rista was proud to have chosen her hero Seiya to save the world. It is revealed that Rista, going by the name Tiana, was engaged to Seiya in a previous world called Ixphoria.

Is Seiya dead in Saint Seiya Omega?

During the fight, Seiya is mortally wounded by the sword of Hades while protecting Athena and his Cosmo disappears shortly before the Saints achieve victory.

Who is the Great Sword Titan in Seiya Omega?

Great Sword Titan (グレートソードのタイタン – gurēto sōdo no taitan) is the faithful servant of the goddess Pallas, who is in charge of her welfare while she is in the form of a little girl. He is one of the main antagonists of the second season of Saint Seiya Omega. Titan is a First Class Pallasite. In terms of power, he is the toughest pallasite.

Who is the villain in Saint Seiya Omega?

Titan is a major antagonist in Saint Seiya Omega. He was one of the four primary class pallasites. As a pallasite, He has the time control and other powers, depends on his weapon (sword) and without it, the distortions made by him disappear.

Why did Titan want to fight with Seiya?

Titan wants to fight against Seiya, but Seiya says that Harbinger did not give up. Harbinger with his power, breaks the sword of Titan, and Athena stops the fight to starts the battle against Pallas melee. Titan saves Pallas from an attack of Athena, and tries fight against them, but Seiya protects Athena and fights against her.

What was the name of the sword Titan used to kill Koga?

The Heavenly King spoke on the battlefield, in the heart of the city, while Pallas faced young Bronze Saints. He deploys his Great sword Tenjinsōseiken, against which the Saints are paralyzed and unable to react. Titan is about to kill Kōga, but it is then that Seiya.